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Purple Eden, Munstead Wood, or Forever Royal for a hill?

June 11, 2019

I want a nice, dark rose to plant on this area that slopes upward from the main path in my garden,but the habit of the plant is important. It will be seen more or less at eye level,since it's to be placed on this slope, therefore I need something bushy. I have P.Eden in a pot; a nice vigorous plant, but the habit seems rather stiff,and the flowers are held very erectly, as if it would probably be best seen looking down onto it. Is this true of a mature PE? Forever Royal is in a pot, too, but it should've been planted out last fall,so it's impossible to estimate what the habit of this plant might be, if it were healthy and happy. I also have Munstead Wood,planted out in my garden,but it hasn't really taken off yet, so I could easily move it,and it might actually prefer a sunnier spot. From the descriptions on HMF,it sounds like MW might be the most adapted to such a spot ,but I would like to hear from any of you who have mature plants of these varieties. Could you describe the habits of these roses, or post a picture of the plant as it appears seen at eye level?

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  • vaporvac

    I know nothing of the others and would suggest MW. However, in our sun it can go magenta. Are you looking for suggestions or did you just want to choose from those you have? I really like MW generally although it is quite thorny. Mine doesn't get very tall so it might be nice to see those gorgeous blooms at eye level. Bayareagirl recently posted some gorgeous pics: Munstead Wood

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  • K S 8b Seattle

    I'd like to second the idea of Munstead Wood being good at eye level. I've got one in a pot (so slightly elevated) and think it looks good that way. The blooms aren't upright like a hybrid tea (though they don't nod like teas either -- it is somewhat in between). It is a very compact bush for me -- I don't imagine you'd be looking at bare legs. I wonder, however, with your lack of water around there if it would be OK in full sun. Mine sulks when the pot dries out.

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  • bart_2015

    Thanks, both of you. I admit I'm hoping to hear from Marlorena,since there are photos of Forever Royal on HMF that I assume are hers,but the one full-plant photo seems to heve been taken looking down on the plant. I, too, would worry a bit about MW in full sun. Also, it seems that PE and FR do manage to maintain their colour pretty well in heat. But PE-at least as a young plant-seems too upright for such a spot.

    I would welcome other suggestions...

  • Marlorena-z8 England-

    bart… sorry I've only just seen your posts.. I'll answer here instead of HMF.. but 'FR' is quite an upright plant, some stiff canes, but I find it also has a graceful shrubby habit... bit of both really going on there.... I think purple roses do best out of strong sun unless you've got watering systems.. that's my impression...

    I prefer FR to MW, in fact I've got 3 MW's and I'm getting rid of 2 of them... just too thorny, I can't cope with them... FR is scented too, and I much prefer the growth habit on this rose...

    No idea about your conditions bart… but FR is a rose I won't be getting rid of in a hurry... semi doubles are also better in the rain... so suits my climate... best wishes bart...

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  • Campanula UK Z8

    I gave that rose to my daughter (she loves Frank Cowlishaw's purples). Although she grows it in a pot, she trains it even more upright against her greenhouse. Not sure it would do that cascading thing. Apart from purple Skyliner, I find Cowlishaw's lilacs and purples to be a bit 'stiff'.

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  • bart_2015

    "Graceful shrubby habit" sounds perfect to me! Some upright canes is fine, especially since I think semi-doubles can work well seen from their sides, whereas with those big, full flowers you really want to be able to look at their "faces". I have FR in a pot, on my terrace-it gets strong sun until around 3 or 4 PM (I'll check today to be sure, but as I write, it's 2:15 PM and it's still in sun). This one really tempts me; we're going through the first hideous African heat wave of the summer, and this rose is not turning pink-ish, as my beloved Purple Skyliner or Lauren does; it's still a strong, true purple. MW instead, is in practically full shade out at my land, and there it is retaining it's colour, it seems, but would it do so in more sun? This year my Austins are looking good, but we had a very blessedly rainy May...

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