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Help finding cohesive colors for new home

June 11, 2019

I just purchased a new home and I am having a hard time selecting paint colors for the living room, dining room, and kitchen. The current paint is flat and scuffs real easy, which is why I have to paint.I love the colors blush, yellow, navy blue, and yellows but I am willing to take other suggestions.

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  • DK Haas

    Make your home feel larger by

    -having a single or harmonious neutral paint wall color in the public areas of the home.

    -single continuous flooring.

    -using shades of a single color or two as your accent color and spread them throughout the house or public areas- as stagers do in model homes (example- Blues, greens or both Or citrus tones).

    -Make the rooms feel larger by using a color with a high LRV light reflective value.- above 65.

    -Accent walls Avoid "accent walls" for the sake of an accent color. Instead - use accent walls to manipulate the rooms dimensions.... Example, if you have a deep and narrow room- don't paint the far wall a dark color as it will accentuate the tunnel look. If you have a wide shallow space - add depth by painting the widest wall a slightly darker color than the rest -(example Sw Accessible beige mixed with accent SW Brindle Fawn)

    it looks like you have gray furniture with yellow toned floors.... A good pallete to start.

    -Set the stage as you enter the home with a large piece of wall art that encompasses your favorite colors. Perhaps in your front entryway- hang art with a table below it or in your front sitting area or dining space...Whichever wall the eye is drawn to as you enter the home.

    For example....this series of pics has indigo, teal, forest green, citrus green, sky blue, Aqua ....& hints of pink & lavender . Lots of colors to pull through the house- Do you have a special vacation spot or other locale that's meaningful to you? Use that as your inspiration ---- Search for images of the local within your color scheme.

    Living too · More Info

    Living too · More Info

    Add trim to the tops of your kitchen cabinets -makes it look like a custom kitchen, not builder grade

    The family room area needs a table that is visually light, as there are lots of dark heavy looking pieces in the room. A glass table would enable you to see the rug underneath

  • DK Haas

    Make your home unique to you.

    This sounds childlike, but what is your favorite color/ colors? Use those and their shades to decorate, regardless of the current trends. Be patient and vigilant when shopping, as It will lead you to a well-collected look that reflects you.

    Don't feel limited by popular trends in stores, like...farmhouse. If that's not you, then you will tire of the look quickly. What do you like?

    COASTAL? It can be done in a variety of color palettes and schemes. There are beaches everywhere in the world: France, Italy, Spain, Mexico, Florida, Indonesia, Australia, Vietnam, Ireland, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, etc... All of these locations bring a second element to the decor, (Euro country, Tuscan, Spanish, Moroccan, Art Deco, Asian, Tribal, Tropical,Traditional, British Colonial, etc) but they all have coastlines. Coastal is not necessarily flip flops or a striped nautical look.

    These pics can be jumping off points for. a yellow/gray coastal look

    Wall art ideas · More Info

    Wall art ideas · More Info

    Found object wall art

    Wall art ideas · More Info

    Gray neutal found objects -an easy DIY. ((shells and slate from Ireland mounted on top of duck canvas fabric)

    Guest bath · More Info

    Restoration Hardware store has great ideas for all neutral decor that ranges from Euro Country, Industrial, Tuscan, Glam, Coastal. Take a look- http://starfishcottageblog.com/restoration-hardware-tampa-part-one/

    and https://www.restorationhardware.com/rooms/?id=143005&parentCatId=cat3850072&topCatId=cat160024&categoryId=cat1620001&sale=false#/143005-1030000

  • PRO
    JudyG Designs

    The room with the fireplace has a window…is the sectional on the other side of it?

    If so, take that wall down. And you will have a large inviting living room.

  • DK Haas

    Judy... The fireplace is flanked by a staircase and a window wall

  • crystalj12

    Thank you all for the suggestions.Judy the sectional is on the opposite side of the room the wall cannot be removed because of the staircase.

  • DK Haas

    Crystal, is there a specific style to which you lean? Perhaps while waiting for a cinema show to start, you like browsing in a specific store... Pottery Barn, Z Gallerie, Restoration Hardware? Does any specific look draw you?

    If not, then see this link is to over 50 model homes that are professionally-staged with a fluid color scheme. https://tours.stevenjamescollins.com

    It might give you ideas. One thing thats subtle and you should note is the use of green plants that add a deeper dimension to the rooms- It sounds silly, but imagine the model homes without them and they'd be flat.

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  • PRO
    Lori A. Sawaya

    First thing I'd do is paint the stone fireplace with Romabio in Avorio.

    Because the color of the stone is what will have to inform paint color choices in that space.

    Make it white and then you can use the floor to inform the wall color.

    Or, even better if you have a rug, art, upholstered pieces that you can pull inspiration from for the wall color.

    Again, as it is now, all your color choices will have to be based on the stone first.

  • crystalj12

    DK Haas I browse home goods and Kirkland’s. I will visit some stores this weekend and see if anything jumps out at me!

  • DK Haas

    The stone is gray and gray is neutral. If you like it, don't paint it. Gray stone could go in a variety of design schemes: Coastal- rocks on the coastline; Rustic Mountain or Lakehouse; Zen gray neutral/ minimalism-natural stone; Euro Cottage -traditional & quaint- stone chimney/ hearth; Tropical....

    Take a look at the link to the model homes-get your ideas in mind FIRST and then shop within that mindset. This link shows over 50 model homes of various transitional style color schemes


    IMHO, Homegoods is good for when you are shopping for accents with a color plan in mind, not so great to get ideas as you might be tempted for every trend they sell. .

    Z Gallerie has a wide selection of wall art. Their pillows,are pricey, but with a little Internet search, you can find the same fabric and make your own.

    Perhaps my Kirkland's had a narrow stock supply, but I found their wall art limited. However, do shop in the clearance section for framed pieces. I found 4 (26x32 inch) framed wall art pieces that had driftwood wood frames in the clearance section for $20each. Frames of that size would be well over $100.. I removed Kirkland'sbrown board backing and the image inside and replaced them with giclee prints that I ordered on-line. I used a staple gun to close the back of the frame. The hardest part was using pliers to remove the Kirkland's staples that secured the backing.. The prints I chose were selling at Ethan Allen store for $300 each!!

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  • PRO
    Lori A. Sawaya

    The stone is gray and gray is neutral.

    That's what everybody thinks until they try to choose a paint color to work with the "neutral" gray stone.

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  • emmarene9

    Go to a paint store, like Sherwin Williams. Look at all their white colors. You will see that some of the "whites" are pale pastels. Look for one that is yellowish.

    I would still paint the kitchen and fireplace room white.

    I am suggesting a yellow shade because your trim looks yellowish to me and you probably do not want to repaint it all.

    I like matte paint for walls that are not bathroom or kitchen. I wouldn't go higher gloss than eggshell.

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  • celerygirl

    I would go with white for this dark room.

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