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Which Hybrid Teas are your most prolific?

June 11, 2019

This is a picture of my established Beverly Hybrid Tea rose bush right now, it is setting on lots of buds for its second flush. It got me to wondering which Hybrid Teas are the most prolific? I particularly noticed BenT has hybrid teas so loaded with blooms it’s almost unreal, but so lovely and would be like a dream come true to me, especially since I like to cut them for bouquets. I don’t know what your secret is, but they’re sure gorgeous with all those blooms! I’ve noticed others with very prolific ones too, Pat in Alabama and Ken from Georgia that I can think of right now. Would love to know the varieties that are the most prolific or anyone who has any that tend to be.

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  • Ken Wilkinson

    It takes a full 3 years to get things going great but in my garden, nothing can beat Louise Estes. Just like fine wine, the older it gets, the better it gets. Not far behind is Let Freedom Ring.

    sara_ann-z6bok thanked Ken Wilkinson
  • BenT (8a Dallas, TX)

    Thanks for starting this thread, I already know it’s going to be long and fun, and HTs are still my favorite.


    Neil Diamond


    Veteran’s Honor

    Just Joey

    Love & Peace

    Mellow Yellow


    Brigadoon (with Dream Time and Granada)

    Moonstone...only it’s 2nd spring!


    Belinda’s Dream and PJPII, with Love&Peace and Just Joey

    Rio Samba

    Dream Time

    Twilight Zone

    Love Song...not a HT, but big blooms and so many of them.

    sara_ann-z6bok thanked BenT (8a Dallas, TX)
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  • sautesmom Sacramento

    Pope John Paul II, nonstop even iver 100 degrees. Blue Girl is pretty enthusiastic too
    Carla in Sac

    sara_ann-z6bok thanked sautesmom Sacramento
  • Wi-Fi NJ 6b

    I vote for Pope John Paul II as well, and so fragrant!!!

    sara_ann-z6bok thanked Wi-Fi NJ 6b
  • vaporvac

    Ben, are you sure you're not Pappu?

  • Kristine LeGault 8a pnw

    Holy moly Ben , not only a fabulous collection of roses but they all look so healthy

  • Kristine LeGault 8a pnw

    Right now it is Beverly

    sara_ann-z6bok thanked Kristine LeGault 8a pnw
  • pippacovalent

    I guess for me it's this noid that just won't quit and still has more buds. The consensus seems to be that it might be Electron or Pink Peace.

    sara_ann-z6bok thanked pippacovalent
  • sara_ann-z6bok

    BenT, those are amazing, maybe there’s somewhat prolific like mine, then there’s super prolific like yours! I really do love your roses!

    These three were my most prolific this spring.


    AUGUSTE RENOIR, just began blooming, then we started getting all that rain and being that it is a rose with lots of petals the majority of the blooms balled up and were a mess, but hopefully it will give me lots more blooms, it has put on lots of new growth.

    My GRANDE DAME was pretty prolific, but also has another section to it that is just just now starting to bloom,

    My SAVANNAH started out with 18 buds, which I thought was pretty good for a newly planted rose, but when some of my buds began disappearing, it was one of the varieties that it happened to! That problem seems to have subsided, I’m checking them every day.

  • sara_ann-z6bok

    Kristine and pippacovalent, didn’t see yours before I posted my pics, those both look fabulous and prolific!

    Here’s a bush shot of my Pink Peace pippacovalent.

  • vaporvac

    The leaves look slightly different on those two pictures with the first one having a slight Bulleit forum.

  • ingrid_vc so. CA zone 9

    I grow only one hybrid tea, and that is the first one, La France, and I would never want to be without it.

    sara_ann-z6bok thanked ingrid_vc so. CA zone 9
  • BenT (8a Dallas, TX)

    Thanks for the nice words everyone, I love looking at everyone’s HTs. I’m so glad there is a thread celebrating them.


    Seems you’ve grow all great deep pinks so well.. Pink Peace, Grande Dame, Augusta Renoir, Buxom Beauty, Miss AAB. Do you have a favorite?


    I am just positive your wonderful deep pink is Miss AAB. Everything about it, the recurve of the petals, the particular shade of green of the foliage, the solid uniform color screams Miss AAB. It’s the first rose my parents ever planted, and my mom still grows it (in a different house), a great rose.

  • totoro z7b Md

    I dont have many HTs, but this year I tried Sweet Mademoiselle and love it so much I am buying more for friends this year. Huge fragrant blooms and new buds form when there are still old blooms on the bush. Healthy foliage despite no spray.

  • sara_ann-z6bok

    Thanks again everyone. Does your rose have lots of thorns pippacovalent? Seems like Electron has a reputation for that, one reason I never got it.

    Ingrid, I love your La France, it’s beautiful. To me La France is one of the best roses for fragrance. I’m very fond of those old fashioned beauties, wish I had a few more of them.

    BenT, when Pink Peace is at its best it’s my favorite, love everything about the blooms. Auguste Renoir is becoming a close second, with the exception of when we have 20 inches of rain in a month, but that was a record setter, hopefully not likely to happen again anytime soon!

  • pippacovalent

    BenT it does look like that may be it! :) Before the blooms got as big as they are now, in the evening it practically glowed. The blooms have lasted forever both on the bush and in the vase. I love this rose so much!

  • pippacovalent

    Sara Ann I'll check but I don't remember tons of thorns when I cut some for the vase.

  • BenT (8a Dallas, TX)


    THat’s one of then nicest Miss AABs ever.


    I’ve never tried Pink Peace in all these years, maybe I should get one, I hear it’s very fragrant. .Buxom Beauty has been great this spring

    I like Grande Dame ok, but it’s rather clustered flowered like a grandiflora, and I prefer a larger flowered HT. I can’t imagine 20” of rain, here’s Grande Dame after 10” of rain in May:

  • sara_ann-z6bok

    Ben, Grande Dame does bloom in clusters, I do prefer the one per stem myself, but Grande Dame is very fragrant. I was wondering if your Heirloom is always that same gorgeous color?

  • BenT (8a Dallas, TX)

    Sara Ann

    Yes, Heirloom is very consistent in color...I’ve heard it described as lilac, and it is indeed the exact color of lilacs I had when I lived on the east coast.

    I was at a nursery recently lookiing to buy their most fragrant rose, and it turned out to be Grande Dame, which I already had. I was relieved because I really have no more room for another plant, yet frustrated because I wanted something new to buy :/

  • sara_ann-z6bok

    Both my FIREFIGHTER and my MOONSTONE are beginning to bloom again, Moonstone is new this year, so I wouldn’t expect it to bloom like yours BenT, I would love it if it did in the future though, same with FIREFIGHTER, it does have quite a few buds on it right now and some new growth, looks pretty good, after seven seasons I would love it if it really started blooming!

    At different times I’ve had Hybrid Tea varieties that were fantastic bloomers, Folklore, Olympiad, Midas Touch, Queen Elizabeth (a Grandiflora), Love, another Grandiflora, Proud Land, Dublin. Tiffany is somewhat prolific, I’m sure I’ve had others too, just a few I can think of right now.

    I would love it if others would contribute to this thread.

  • Dylan D

    Wow Ben! your heirloom is spectacular! Is it in a pot? Is there more than one plant? What do you feed them?

    Ben & Sara, that Moonstone rose is so elegant and beautiful.

    sara_ann-z6bok thanked Dylan D
  • pippacovalent

    I adore my old garden roses and the singles and semi doubles but I've come to also adore the hybrid teas this spring. The HTs I inherited have been so much fun this spring I just love them. It lookslooks like I possibly have Bewitched. Miss AAB, Pristine, Garden Party, and a bunch of others I still dont know about, one may be Honey Bouquet? Anyway, my appreciation of HTs has come a long way and I love this thread!

  • pippacovalent

    I just deadheaded dozens of blooms from my bright pink HT I showed above that might be Miss AAB, and already I found this bloom..

    It's just unstoppable lol.

  • pippacovalent

    Then whatever this one is seems to bloom quite a bit too.

  • farmerduck

    Wow,amazing heathy looking hybrid teas. I mostly cannot grow them. They either die on me or do not mount to anything due to disease / winter kill. Beverly and savanah do OK. The only two HTs that like my garden are earth song and this NOID pink one

    sara_ann-z6bok thanked farmerduck
  • sara_ann-z6bok

    Thank you Dylan! Ben’s roses are pretty amazing, aren’t they! I love elegant looking roses, and Moonstone certainly can be!

    pippacovalent, how great it would be to inherit roses like that, I’m glad you’re enjoying them!. That open bloom does remind me of Miss All American Beauty.

    Gorgeous blooms of Earth Song and your NOID, farmerduck!

  • Dylan D

    Agreed Sara! Ben has the most loveliest and healthiest collection of HTs I’ve ever seen.

    Farmerduck lovely pink roses! What’s the name of that dark burgundy clematis?

  • R pnwz8a

    BenT!!! Lovely collection!! I am a fan of ur garden!!
    How do u care for them? Here in PNW ... hybrid teas need a spraying regimen I think.. my favorite is Belinda’s dream in my garden..

  • farmerduck

    Dylan, sorry, I do not know. A few years ago, I went into a full clematis frenzy and ordered about 30 clematises from Brushwood. Most died, but this one survived and bloomed for the first time. Need to learn how to take care of them....

  • Kristine LeGault 8a pnw

    Ben, because of your Heirloom rose I planted my own last fall. It already shows get growth.

    Boy, I sure hope it does as well as yours

    Farmer Duck, your no name pink rose is stellar

  • Dylan D

    Farmerduck, I’m gonna order one in that color. Such a striking color!

  • BenT (8a Dallas, TX)


    Yes, Heirloom is one plant in a big pot (25-30 gal), purchased 3 seasons ago from the clearance section of Lowes for one dollar.


    I think Heirloom will do great where you are.


    Thanks for the kind words, Yes, we have black spot and spider mites in great abundance here, so I do spray with fungicide, and also strong streams of water for the mites. Most of what I like to grow is blackspot prone, but a good spray program keeps it away.


    Nice pics of Firefighter and Moonstone. My Moonstone is only on its second season, but right from the start I could tell it was going a great rose...perfect blooms on a perfect plant so generously produced. Firefighter is one of the very best for me , too.

  • sara_ann-z6bok

    Thanks again, BenT! Moonstone definitely seems like a good rose and so does Firefighter. I don’t think I planted my FF in a good spot, I should plant another one in a different locale. Your roses give us all something to aspire to. I’m sure there are additional things I could do for my roses to make them better, in fact I know there is!

  • Dylan D

    Ben, I Would like to see your Ascot pics if you don't mind. I am thinking of ordering one. Is it worth growing it in TX.

  • BenT (8a Dallas, TX)

    Hi Dylan

    I don’t have Ascot anymore...I grew it for a season and it tended to just put out blind shoots, so I gave it to someone else to try, and had not heard back. Maybe it doesn’t like our hot days/nights, or maybe I was too impatient for it to bloom .

  • karengfawcett

    Sara thank you for posting the pix of yours as mine also has reddish leaves and I imagine this is normal. My one and only hybrid tea rose I have is the Always and Forever and it is this one I dedicated it to my late mother as she loved roses. Last year for the first time I got 5 beautiful smelling roses off it!!! So as it could devote energy to each rose I would cut off the one to put in a vase and I had to laugh I bought a rose bowl for it to be put into but the rose is so big it wouldn't fit inside it so resorted to the vase. No more buying those cut roses in the stores!!! These ones have got them beat by a country mile in size, smell and how long they last. I can see why they also are so popular on Valentine's Day thru a florist. I also have lots of new leaves coming out on it after it was cut back so I am so looking forward to it doing its thing again!!!! I take it this is not the dreaded disease but new leaves telling me to expect more of the same this year.

  • karengfawcett

    And this is what one of mine looked like in 2017. I love these ones and to think I was leery of buying one of these due to it being a hybrid tea. But it has proven me wrong as it is now going on 3 years since I planted it in July of 2016!!!

    sara_ann-z6bok thanked karengfawcett
  • David Moore


  • sharon2079

    David Moore, I am with you.... I wish I knew how to get MORE blossoms on the HT's. I see pics of other's bushes... I have some of the same ones... don't know why mine aren't so floral.... Sure wish I could get mine to produce like BenT's and others on this forum

  • hoovb zone 9 sunset 23

    My experience has been that plant maturity is a significant factor. They don't really cover themselves with flowers here until they've been established in the same place for about five years. In a colder climate with a shorter growing season, a few more years than that could be necessary, and recovery years if the winter is particularly brutal.

    Other factors are sufficient water and regular fertilizer. In climates with hot summers, disease prevention (because energy for bloom production comes from sufficient foliage) and mulch (to keep the root systems cool and moist) are also helpful.

    'Belinda's Dream' has always been my most prolific producer.

  • BenT (8a Dallas, TX)

    A couple more varieties...

    Sugar Moon. - Not as prolific as PJPII, but to my nose, a signifcantly richer and stronger scent.

    Fragrant Cloud - one of my long time favorites, free blooming, fast repeat, and so very strongly fragrant

    Barbra Streisand - profuse clusters, nice scent

    Acapella - great colors , unique banana scent

    Peace - came as a one gallon from K&M last year and has made very nice progress.

    Melody Parfumee - Blooms in big clusters, nicely scented.

    A garden shot of three happy favs...Vet’s Honor, Love Song, Fragrant Cloud

    I’d say to coax good blooming, some organics are helpful...alfalfa tea, manures, fish based fertilizers, seaweed. I have nothing against chemical fertilizers, I use them too, but I think some of the nutrition should come from organic sources. A somewhat acidic pH - I have very alkaline clay, so I add a light dressing of sulfur a few times a year. Lots of water. Foliage must be kept healthy, in most of the humid parts of the US, that might mean a good fungicide program, and some insect/mite control.

  • vaporvac

    Do many people stop by to comment when they're in bloom. That's phenomenal!

  • Dylan D

    Ben, I am so sorry that you had to give Ascot away. Those cupped blooms are to die for! Did it bloom at all?

    Is that “Bowl of Beauty“ peony behind the “Peace“? I thought you can‘t grow peonies in TX and that they need only morning son. I am so curious to find out as to how you are growing peonies with roses. Thank you for sharing these lovely pics! I enjoy looking at them as usual.

  • farmerduck

    I have ascot. The growth habit is fairy wide and for some reason I did not realize it is a hybrid tea/grandiflora. I almost never photograph it as my phone camera cannot get the color right, but here are a couple

  • farmerduck

    As I have midge, cannot really saw how well ascot repeats. However, you can see from the photos, it is not a stingy with blooms. It is very winter hardy here in z6/z7 northern NJ.

    Realized that I have another Hybrid tea that does quite well, at this year. Poseidon

  • Dillybeansown (6b in the Ozarks)

    I love this thread! So much beauty. It’s nice to see HT’s so lush and beautiful, as I usually don’t see that in my garden. Lol. I didn’t even know they could look this great, full of blooms and bushy!

    Ben, your garden is unreal. Pretty sure you're the hybrid tea poster child. :) I’m more of an antique/Austin grower myself, but seeing your pictures makes me want to want to snatch up every one of those HT’s that I usually have no trouble turning away from. They are absolutely gorgeous.

    hoovb, I love that shot of Belinda’s Dream! It looks great with the geranium!

    Farmerduck, Poseidon looks amazing!

  • Dylan D

    Beautiful blooms farmerduck! So many buds! What is your zone?

  • Christian

    I don’t have many hybrid teas. I only have 4, three were planted last spring one this spring. So far Princess Charlene de Monaco is proving to be most prolific producing three flushes last year and a nice spring flush this year, Savannah seems to be the next prolific producing 2 flushes last year and a decent one this spring.


    sara_ann-z6bok thanked Christian
  • sara_ann-z6bok

    Christian, lovely picture, that’s one I have been admiring. Yours looks very healthy.

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