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rift sawn white oak floor stain advice

June 11, 2019
last modified: June 11, 2019

I am getting solid wood rift sawn white oak floors in the living rm, dining rm and kitchen. My house is 50 years old and has a very rustic looking family room. Stone fireplace, dark wood bar and deep brown wood work. I know people usually say to keep rift sawn oak natural but it won't go with the overtone of the house. Do we ask the contractor to use a walnut stain? I have no idea what that would look like. I'd rather have some idea well before he comes to put down stain samples. Will there be alot of variance in the tones between the planks or all kinda of matching with a darker stain? Any advice on what products? I've read something about tannin pulls with white oak. Do I need to worry about that with a darker stain. Do I get a satin finish with oil-based polyurethane? Any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you so much.

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  • apple_pie_order

    This will be a very expensive floor that is likely to be the star of the furnishings. I recommend working with the flooring pro on some samples before you go much further.

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  • tatts

    Putting walnut stain on oak is ridiculous. You shouldn't have spent the extra money if that's how you will treat it. Rift sawn oak is beautiful and needs to be celebrated.

    If you can't live with it as it is, cancel the order and buy something more appropriate.

  • ILoveRed

    We have Live Sawn White Oak which has rift sawn in it..

    my floor pro put several stain samples down for me. The Natural just wasn’t right for me.

    I chose Antique Brown in a custom mix. 2 Antique Brown to 1 Natural. It is a nice medium brown. Straight Antique Brown was too dark for me. The stain I chose shows off the wood beautifully.

    You have to see several sample colors after your floor is down.

    Our guy used water based products.

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  • PRO
    Oak & Broad

    We sell a TON of Rift & Quartered White Oak. I would not be concerned about applying a stain to it. Yes many people leave it natural but about half of our clients have some sort of stain applied and it looks wonderful!!! Here is an example. :-)

    Rift & Quartered White Oak Plank Flooring In Atlanta · More Info

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  • MJ

    Thank you so much for your help. I can only hope my floors come out as beautiful as the picture above. Thank you also 'ILove Red' for the advice!

  • Helen

    I think the middle ground in terms of stain is what you are looking for.

    When I read "walnut", I think of a very dark "walnut" color. Natural (no stain) are light but the color Oak & Broad posted, seems in the middle.

    I had a dining table made for me and it is a combination of maple (very light) with walnut inserts (dark brown contrast).

    FWIW, I had a LOT of custom white oak cabinetry built and had them stained a warm medium tone color and I love the color. My oak floors are natural but that is because I wanted them to specifically contrast because I had so much other stained wood.

    I think a very dark stain - e.g. what I think of as walnut would hide the beautiful grain of rift (or quarter sawn) oak whereas a medium stain enhances it.

    These are my quarter sawn cabinets stained what I think of as a warm medium tone.

    This is the chair which as "inspiration" for my cabinet stain. I knew the color I wanted but wasn't able to communicate it through words or any pictures I had found and then eureka - there was the color residing on a chair I had inherited from my mother.

    I went through a bunch of stain samples and none of them were what I was looking for. I was sorting through some stuff with my designer in terms of whether I would be using after the remodel and I looked at the chair and realized it was the exact color I had been attempting to describe - the light sections on either side of the middle. The cabinet maker actually took the chair with him so that he could replicate the stain and then he brought me a sample door to approve :-)

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  • MJ

    Helen, your cabinets, floors and Mom's chair are so beautiful. Thanks so much for the advice!

  • apple_pie_order

    Helen, your cabinets and kitchen are gorgeous.

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