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Suspected Garlic Mustard, Alliaria petiolata

Another project for me here I think. At least I'm getting used to it now...

What do you think dear Name That Plant?

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Using my hand for scale here, almost makes it look like I'm showing it off... Sadly not...

Comments (5)

  • carol23_gw

    Violets. Likely Viola sororia.

    If you suspect garlic mustard, you can bruise a leaf and it should smell like the name - garlic and is in the mustard family.

    A video included in this site will show you young plants. You can see the leaf edges are not smooth like the violets.


    Christopher von Simson thanked carol23_gw
  • Christopher von Simson

    Many thanks. Wonderfully helpful, and I do hope so. So much happier for a native... I will certainly try that smell test..

    I also found this very detailed set of photos (link below) to help me from searching on the name you suggested. I do have a LOT of this stuff, so hopefully it is all the violets. That would be much better.


  • lilyd74 (5b sw MI)

    Don't underestimate violets as a weed. They can be difficult to control in areas where you can't mow. I used to love them. . . then I started gardening.

    Christopher von Simson thanked lilyd74 (5b sw MI)
  • saccharum

    Yes, garlic mustard is a lot easier to pull up by hand than violets!

    Christopher von Simson thanked saccharum
  • Christopher von Simson

    Point well taken lilyd74. I still like them - to the extent that they are preferable to some of the other horrors. That is, I'd rather have a violet "problem", than even more Persicaria perfoliata to deal with.

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