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help with style for sliding pantry door

4 years ago
last modified: 4 years ago

our new pantry is just off the kitchen but visible from the kitchen (and the whole living space really). It is a converted coat 2' deep and about 6' wide. We wanted a 36" opening (couldnt really go larger) to make it easy to get in and see everything and have decided on a sliding door so that if we want, it can be open most of the time for opposed to having maybe 2x18" doors that block part of the entryway if they're left open.

So im just looking at options for a slab door to put on the typical sliding hardware (it will not be a pocket door...framing doesnt allow for it unfortunately).

Initially I liked the idea of a door with glass...either a "colonial" looking door (matches other doors in our house) with the top half a translucent but not transparent glass...or maybe an old exterior door with 3-4 small square transparent windows across the top. Here are a few options available locally..

Another option is an old glass pane door I have in our barn. Its old, solid wood (which I really like, want this to have some weight to it) and probably 20 panes of glass. The downside is that my wife will hate it if you can always see the mess/clutter in the pantry even with the door closed (like this...)

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To me a big glass door like this would not look right if we etched/sandblasted each pane so you couldnt see through...and I am having trouble picturing any other alternative to obfuscate the inside of the pantry. The pantry light is a motion light, so it shouldnt be on most of the time...but I still feel like you will see stuff in there from light pouring in from the kitchen.

The other idea I had was a chalkboard door...similar to this...its actually somewhat functional as you could write things you need on the door and this is directly on the path out the door of the house so you would see it as you are running to the store....and bonus points the local surplus store has a couple of these available for just $160...It just doesnt have the same character as the old door in my barn and I love the idea of putting that to use...

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"Vintage" glass door
Door with lots of panes of glass from barn
chalkboard door
other (please specify)

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