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I like it cool, but the daylilies don't want to open

June 12, 2019

I was really sympathizing with you northerners this morning after night temps in the 50s. So few daylilies were open early in the morning - not even the EMO's I count on. So I don't have as many photos as I do most days.

Storm Shelter - I got this one after seeing Sherry's photo of it last year. It was planted in the fall and hasn't grown much since then. I do like the bloom.

Judy's Jewel ended up opening well after I gave it a couple of hours.

Faberge Easter

Spacecoast Night Vision with a trio

White Tooth threesome

Bubblegum Delicious at the end of the day Tuesday

Braided Edgings and Everything You Desire

River City Pier Surfer and Euphoric

Zuzu taking his turn to nap on the water barrel. The water barrel is a favorite perch of all the outside cats, and Zuzu rarely gets it because his sisters are there most of the time.

Comments (16)

  • lilykate7a

    Zuzu (and boy did my autocorrect have fun with that name!) is such a sweet baby hanging off the edge!

    I know what you mean about the lilies opening late-cuts into my schedule big time!

    I love Judy’s Jewel And Storm Shelter shows vivid color as does Spacecoast Night Vision. Another good thing about the cooler weather is that they don’t lose their colors as quickly!

  • sherrygirl zone5 N il

    Storm Shelter looks good in your neck of the woods! I like your two pairings, they compliment each other so well. Your Spacecoast looks great today. Zuzu looks very content today, glad he’s got the choice spot.


  • Julia NY

    Nice photo of Braided Edgings and Everything You Desire together. Such a cute pic of ZuZu. Would you believe we still have no scapes. I wonder if bloom season will pass me by this year.

  • organic_kitten

    Zuzu looks so pretty there. Beautiful photos as usual, Debra. I had that same feeling when mine started in April and wouldn't open well because it was cool. I don't know how you cool weather growers do it! My favorites out of this bevy of beauties are Judy's Jewel (gorgeous!) and Euphoric. Everything You Desire is my kind of color. I keep looking and there is so much beauty here!


  • shive

    Julia - Your scapes will come. They're just taking their time. My season will likely be shorter than usual because of low bud counts and so many mids and lates starting with the earlies.


  • shive

    Sherry - Thanks for enabling me on Storm Shelter!


  • Maryl (Okla. Zone 7a)

    So Judy's Jewel may go on my list (that I'm not supposed to be making). That is just stunning. You know I have to ask how the color retention is in the heat (if you know).............Spacecoast Night Vision is just that - a vision.....Zuzu in her relaxed mode is the gem of the day however. Sweet Dreams little girl........Maryl

  • Nancy 6b

    I love Judy's Jewel, such a wonderful color. I always love that dark S. Night Vision with the white edge. Zuzu looks like he is enjoying his rest. I got Faberge Easter last fall, how do you like it?

  • hoosier_nan (IN z5b/6a)

    I'm glad Zuzu got his turn on the rain barrel. Like usual, your daylilies are lovely and you take such good photographs. It's always hard to pick a favorite, but I love Judy's Jewel. The color on that one is amazing. I also love White Tooth and River City Pier Surfer. Spacecoast Night Vision has such rich coloring.


  • shive

    For everyone who loves the color on Judy's Jewel, it's the same as on my intro, Dearest Valentine. And Dearest Valentine is a hardy dormant. Judy's Jewel is no longer being sold anywhere that I know of. The hybridizers, Bonnie and Stan Holley retired from the daylily business, and the woman who bought their stock is no longer selling it on the LIly Auction. (I have plenty of Dearest Valentine.) I bought Judy's Jewel because I wanted to cross Dearest Valentine with it to try to get a 7 inch or larger Dearest Valentine kid on taller scapes. Dearest Valentine's blooms are 6 inches. Although Judy's Jewel is registered with 28 inch scapes, it's never had that in my garden. Scapes here range from 20-23 inches. It's somewhat tender.

    Maryl - Judy's Jewel melts in temps above 92. Dearest Valentine doesn't, and you already have that one. Also, overwintering Judy's Jewel in a pot is dicey. I tried it's first year here and died back from two fans to one. And it took three years to recover after that. Dearest Valentine should overwinter for you with no problems.

    Dearest Valentine often has the triangular watermark, but not always.

  • shive

    Maryl - Of all my very dark toothy purples, SC Night Vision has the prettiest bloom. But the blooms are small (5 inches) and the scapes short in my climate. I've been using it a lot in hybridizing. I'd like to get that look on a larger flower on a taller scape with some dormancy in there.


  • shive

    Nancy 6B - I really like the blooms on Faberge Easter - so much so that after it died after a bad winter, I rebought it. It's not one of the stronger Petit growers here. You need to put it in a sheltered space. Where I have it now, it's in front of a raised bed, and those stones tend to give it some heat and cold protection in winter. The plant I now have multiplies better than my first one that was planted out in the wide open (from 2 to 5 fans).


  • celeste

    Like Julia, I am wondering if blooms will skip us this year. There are NO scapes on anything except Stella. Everything is late, late, late. It was cold today, temps only around 50 degrees all day. So now you see what us northern folk encounter....cool nights/days really spell trouble and are why I can't grow the elaborately edged ones successfully. I gave away so many beautiful daylilies that I purchased at the beginning of my daylily addiction, when I didn't know better. Your daylilies are looking great, even still. The nice thing about cool temps is the color is so much more intense and why people think I photoshop my purples. SC Night Vision looks wonderfully purple in your photo. So many of these you posted I would love, but know better than to try. So I will just admire yours! And it's no secret that if you post a cat picture that will be my favorite. Zuzu reminds me of a sweet boy kitty I had years ago named Cosmo.

  • shive

    Celeste - I guess your daylilies think it's not time to scape yet. It's true that the cool temps bring out the true purple in daylilies. My Olly Olly Oxen Free looked nearly as purple as yours today. And Integrated Logistics has been a true dark purple for two days. Usually it's lavender in my garden. Zuzu is a sweet boy too.


  • mantis__oh

    Storm Shelter had virtually no blooms last year; will see this year. Low bud counts? Doesn't sound good. I do agree that there are a lot of later bloomers that are going to bloom earlier here. Strange season, which is becoming the norm. Hurrah for ZuZu. Chase those sisters away.

  • shive

    Hi Mantis! I wondered where you'd been. I think my Storm Shelter is surrounded by too many large daylilies with tall foliage. I'm going to move it as soon as it stops blooming.


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