Ajuga? Will it hurt Hosta etc?

June 15, 2019

I am looking to use this as a weed barrier. Not a fan of mulch. Would it hurt a tree (large cherry tree) would it hurt Hosta? Will it grow in the shade?

thank you!

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  • Dillybeansown (6b in the Ozarks)

    No, it would not hurt a large tree. It will be fine with most hostas. It might overwhelm some of the miniature ones. The only possible hard it could cause to the majority of hostas is a slight competition for moisture if you go through frequent droughts. Most hosta roots go deeper than that ajuga, though, so it won’t be too bad. And yes, it will grow in the shade.

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  • woodyoak zone 5 southern Ont., Canada

    You said ‘use this as a weed barrier’...? IME weeds will come up in a patch of ajuga - but the ajuga grows so densely that it is very hard indeed to dig out the weeds! So I wouldn’t consider it as a weed barrier at all. ( I don’t like ajuga - can you tell?! )

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  • vettin

    What about daffodils? Will they be able to grow or will it suffocate them?

  • NHBabs z4b-5a NH

    Daffodils will come up through the ajuga IME, but the dying daffodil leaves may need to be bundled for a couple of weeks until they can be removed or they may flop over and smother the ajuga, leaving it looking patchy.

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  • cecily 7A

    My deer eat ajuga YMMV. Catlin's giant is a good early flowering pollinator plant.

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