I am sooo bored!

June 15, 2019
last modified: June 17, 2019

I have not been out of the house today and have done some laundry and digging through boxes of junk trying to sort junk to keep; junk to get rid of. I changed the bed, consolidated some bags of things I have bought for upcoming baptism; gender reveal party; girl's get together including a craft idea and prizes for games. I talked to one daughter for a few minutes and other than that just the cat. She doesn't answer me. What have you been doing today?

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  • amylou321

    Shopping, cooking,made some candles. Nothing that I planned to do. I have been so lazy this week,its pitiful. My house is a mess. I really need to get up and clean clean clean.

    The candles. I made farmstand apple,cinnaberries, kumquat, oo-la-la! (Jasmine vanilla), cactus blossom and honeydew......

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  • jim_1 (Zone 9A)

    Too much yard work yesterday, shoulder muscles hurt. I spent most of the day reading. Gotta give the muscles a bit of a break. Tomorrow, I will return to yard work, unless the predicted rain happens.

    A local movie house has 'classics' on Sundays. Tomorrow is Raiders of the Lost Ark. I'll catch the 1:00 showing. Should be fun.

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  • cooper8828

    I also sorted some things and made a trip to Goodwill, then picked up a hose repair kit from Ace Hardware. It's 100 right now, so I think the actual repair will wait until tomorrow morning.

    I'm making strombolis for dinner, so right now I'm just kicking around waiting on dough to rise. I'm listening to a great podcast, Cocaine and Rhinestones, about country music in the 1900's.

    So yeah, stuck inside due to the heat and also kind of bored. :)

  • nicole___

    Yesterday we cut down our hair/small pine trees, maybe 60, put them in a slash pile. The HOA does fire mitigation, picks up the slash piles @ the curb on Monday. Today we took down this 50' pine tree, it's too close to the house. The septic tank is South, we pulled it North to keep from damaging it when it fell. Hauled the large lumber(20" diameter) up hill on a dolly, loaded it on our truck, then the rain hit! Took an hour break. Big down pour, lightning hitting all around us. Put the wood outside the gates, then posted a CL ad. Somebody just emailed, He wants the lengths to be shorter than what we's FREE! YOU cut it!

  • pudgeder

    Our daughter came Thursday, brought the 3 month old grandson for Father's day and left this afternoon.

    Before she left, we went to eat Mexican food lunch w/the son & his clan. After that we went to Sam's for DD to do some shopping and also WalMart. About an hour after we got home, they left.

    Now Hubby & I missing both of them. LOL

  • schoolhouse_gw

    I was terribly lazy today too. Went and got cat food and that was all. Feel bloated, and no not because I ate the cat food. The grass is in that stage of "I could mow, but doesn't really need it" stage. Except it called for rain this afternoon, overnight and for the next three to four days. Well, I decided I was too tired to mow so by next Thursday it will be really high.

    Guess I'll go back to channel surfing. I've seen this same Incredible Dr. Pol episode about three times now.

  • Iris S (SC, Zone 7b)

    Cleaned up the house, did some yard work. Wonder what the germination rate of cypress vines and morning glory seeds are. I pulled hundreds of seedlings again. Helped my daughter with some frantic searches for stuff being misplaced while she tried to fit 6 month worth of stuff in a 50 pound suitcase.

  • glenda_al

    Absolutely nothing. Got dressed after noon and went to get lunch, and oreo flurry, and brought home. Froze half of it and had it later in the day.

    Grandson called to chit chat. Then a brief nap. ho hum

  • georgysmom2

    Went grocery shopping and have been cooking and watching the U.S. open. It takes me forever to do anything because my knee is killing me. If I stand too long it's very painful. I try to do whatever I can sitting on a high chair at the counter.......took the chair our of the shower to sit on. It works pretty well but some things you just have to stand for. DD and SIL coming for dinner tomorrow. Made a pasta salad, some drunken mushrooms to go over filet steaks and a zucchini, squash corn casserole. Still have to make some hummus and clean up the kitchen. Watching the end of the third round and resting my knee right now, then back to the kitchen........wish I had time to be bored!

  • blfenton

    Did a bunch of gardening. I had a laurel bush taken out last week and some grass dug up to enlarge the garden so today I planted 19 new perennials. So fun. I had to organize them all between two locations and display them for colour and size and best spot. Hopefully they are in places that they will grow to love.

    And then I did some laundry.

  • Kathsgrdn

    Worked 12.5 hours. I'm all stiff and got really sleepy this afternoon so not only did I drink iced coffee but two regular cups of hot coffee. Still sore from working outside yesterday. I'm going to bring some Salonpas with me tomorrow. Going to start raining tomorrow so my hands and knees are probably going to be aching. It's supposed to rain all week.

  • DavidR

    What have you been doing today?

    Well, for one thing, I read a really odd post in the Gardenweb electrical wiring forum.

  • marilyn_c

    Packing and cleaning. I didn't get started until noon, but I didn't stop until after midnight. Now I am too tired to go to sleep.

    Jody went to Beaumont to pick up a flat bed trailer to use in moving my concrete water troughs. It belongs to his deckhand, James. It was at a friend's house. The friend has an old, skinny horse that he wants to give away. James wants me to take it. I said I would if they can keep it until July 19, when we close on that property. I didn't plan on getting another horse, but old, skinny horses are sort of my specialty.

  • yeonassky

    Got up this morning planning to walk dogs. Phoned my sister first to say my hubby would be stopping to fix her phone in his way from dirt bike riding and found out that sister who lives close to me was heading for the hospital in a cab. they thought I was working today as I usually am but as I'm dog-sitting I took today off.

    Son got dog walking duties and I drove to the hospital to be with my sister.

    Once again she was given the same diagnosis as last week of a mild heart attack. After being there for 6 hours as they could do nothing for her again she was sent home with no results.

    She is very frustrated as they can't really help her. Her medication needs to be adjusted but her situation is so complicated that emergency can't really even give her any medication. The doctor will have to make appointments with the specialists again when she sees her on Tuesday..

    We left the hospital and went shopping and picked up her check from her little job. She felt better thank goodness as breathing has been a huge issue and swelling.

    I drove her home and we made plans for her to join us for breakfast for Father's Day tomorrow.

    When I got home I was quite stressed and so just had a little bit of dinner and did my puzzle and listened and danced to to Randy bachman's vinyl tap music. And I watched the end of the Wreck-It Ralph movie. I should be going to sleep now but had to take migraine medication which keeps me awake. It's going to be a long night.

  • satine_gw

    David R, sorry about that post being in the wrong forum. Guess I did something wrong to have it land there. Yeonassky, hope your sister is feeling better today. That is a frustrating situation. Sounds like some of you folks were doing enough work for those of us who were being lazy. Happy fathers day to all you who celebrate.

  • chisue

    Saturday morning DH picked up roses for our ballerina DGD (8). Our half-hour drive to the theater for her recital only took twice as long in a steady downpour, getting us there with two minutes to spare. DGD was in four different acts -- three elaborate costume changes (with her own *dresser*!). Two hours home was normal, going against the traffic headed into the city. Salad and a frozen pizza for dinner. Book. Pain pill. Bed. I slept through my frequent 'midnight insomnia' last night!

  • ritaweeda

    I think it's a shame that as busy as most of you seem to be even on your day off, you act like it's a terrible sin to do absolutely nothing. Sometimes doing nothing is a good thing - get some rest, be quiet and meditate, just "be" once in awhile!

  • dedtired

    Slept late, had breakfast, messed around on the internet, took a shower and got dressed. Here I am back on my iPad. Have to go to my mothers and break the news that she has a doctors appointment tomorrow. Ugh.

  • raee_gw zone 5b-6a Ohio

    Yard work the past 2 days. Every day I do some weeding, mostly pulling up those (of the thousands that dropped this year) of maple seeds that have sprouted. I also neglected to deadhead the blue cardinal flower last year, so there are dozens of those that needed to be yanked out. Cut back the overgrown vinca that was escaping its bed. Swept the patio - the neighbor's locust tree has been dropping a lot. Sprayed the fruit trees and roses, and the moss growing between the pavers. All done well before the rains came; then went to Menards to buy a new shovel and dryer ducting on sale, and stopped at Aldi for one of their frozen pizzas.

    Today it is raining so it is my "rest" day, browsing the internet, reading the newspaper and a Tony Hillerman book ( a rediscovered pleasure after years of struggling to enjoy books after an infection), and will watch a movie later. I will need to do some bit of light exercise before this afternoon is over, I always feel bad if I sit all day.

  • blfenton

    @raee - Which Tony Hillerman are you reading?

  • yeonassky

    Thank-you satine! Happy Father's Day to you as well!

  • OutsidePlaying

    Since my sinus surgery Thursday, I have been doing mostly nothing, per instructions to do nothing strenuous. No bending over or lifting anything heavy. So no gym time or working outside for me, despite Thursday, Friday and Saturday morning being absolutely beautiful weather. It’s heated up again and humid. So I have been reading, napping, watched some tv, cleaned out a few files and some bathroom cabinets. Took DH to brunch today for Father’s Day and went by DD’s house to visit for a little while.

    I took a short walk early this morning and did some stretches. I can’t stand to sit around.

  • amylou321

    This whole week has been a waste for me really. On vacation, with a list of stuff I want done,and I've done maybe 3. I went to my hair appointment, took Otis back to the vet, did our grocery shopping. That's it. The only thing I am proud if is that I have managed to get myself on the treadmill every single day until I clocked 15000 steps on my Fitbit. (Only 10000 today, my feet hurt)I go back to work tommorow night. I just got off the treadmill, and I hope maybe me and SO will find the motivation to get out tonight. Maybe a movie or a casino trip. Maybe just going to grab takeout. Anything. I have a lot of overtime coming up and I am ashamed and annoyed that I didnt go anywhere or do anything while I had the time to do so. And I wont be able to tackle that to do list for a while......

  • raee_gw zone 5b-6a Ohio

    blfenton, Coyote Waits. I thought I had read them all years ago, and recently swapped the ones I had with a neighbor for his set of GoT - had a duplicate so picked it up and started to read it. I don't remember it at all.

    I was going to give the GoT set to my daughter, but now I think I will tackle it after all!

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