Really really need to pick a backsplash for bathroom vanity!

June 15, 2019
last modified: June 15, 2019

Bathroom almost done! Just need hardware, a shower curtain, light fixtures, and the backsplash for the vanity. I don't have any idea what kind of marble the countertop is. The countertop was salvaged from the previous vanity that was destroyed in a flood. I definitely want some kind of tile backsplash, just not sure what to get. The bathroom gets a lot of use and the area where the countertop meets the wall is already a bit discolored.

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  • kimnp31

    Wade u leaving the cabinets this color?

  • kimnp31

    Are You leaving the cabinets is this color?

  • C S

    Yes, they are brand new. Natural cherry. They look gorgeous in person. I just need help with the backsplash.

  • Sammie J

    What is in your shower? is that tile? it will be hard to find a tile that doesn't compete. Test solid tiles ... maybe the darkest or lightest color from the shower area.

  • Sibylle

    Def solid color, or just paint w/ waterproof paint - why did you stick plastic hooks on a brand new cabinet front?

  • felizlady

    Do you have any more of the shower wall material? If it works with the sink counter, use it for the backsplash.

  • C S

    Close up of shower tile vs. close up of countertop. Two different kinds of marble. The shower tile has a lot of movement (way busier than I would have picked, but my husband liked it) and has a lot of gray. The countertop is mostly white with some bits of gray and some brown veining. I definitely want a solid color for the backsplash. Maybe a cream or ivory color? The plastic cabinet pulls are only temporary until the actual hardware arrives (we ordered brushed nickel to match the faucets

  • Bri Bosh

    This is a tough one as the vanity/countertop read warmer and the floor/shower read cool, making them a bit of a mismatch in tones. Will there be any lighting going in over the vanity?

  • C S

    Yes, this is exactly the dilemma! There will be a light fixture above each mirror.

  • Sammie J

    I'd go with a light beige or a light grey that blends well with the sink and shower marbles.

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  • Tony Montana

    I just thought of another way lol. I don't know how high you want your back-splash, but just get 12x24 white marble, cut it in half, put the side that wasn't cut facing up. Glue, grout, your done. If you want 3 inch, do the same. Use a wet rubbing stone ( you can get the at the dollar store no need to spend a lot on one) and smooth out the edge. Its so tiny it'll be barely noticeable that its not polished.

    So thats my input. Obviously the nicest way would be to get a full matching piece but the other ways I suggested will be fine also.

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  • PRO
    Skippack Tile & Stone

    Go shopping for a couple of sheets of a glass/stone mosaics that pick up the counter colors.. .they will be subtle in color and can be cut to your desired width.

  • PRO
    Beth H. :

    Keep your shower curtain white. anything else against that tile will be too busy. I would not use a gray.

    this is the one time where I'll recommend a white subway tile.

    you could do it in any design, or length.

    I wouldn't do gray next to those cherry cabs, unless it's the right shade.

    you could also do a tongue and groove wall

    penny rounds or hex are another option

    if you have any of that countertop material left over, cut a tall piece, like here, and use it

    something like this for your hardware

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  • Kathleen Kirchoff

    Plain white tile would tie everything together. Using command hooks for temporary pulls was genius.

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  • Toby

    I skipped past a lot of the advice so I don't know if I'm repeating anyone, but there is a simple solution. Just match the backsplash tile to the countertop. Use whatever ceramic tile matches the base color the best. You don't need to jazz it up. The counter is beautiful on its own. The shower is a mis-match so don't make it worse by trying to make the two mesh. The wild marble pattern in the shower is drawing the attention there and you can calm it by installing a full shower curtain rod and keeping the curtain closed.

  • Sarah Jane

    1. White subway tile

    2. Match vanity countertop by replacing it with the bathtub pattern stone.

    3. Vanity looks like man made engineering Carrara type marble.

  • Tony Montana

    @ Brown Dog, Mess? So a practical, functional bathroom is a mess? SMH, some people are so ignorant. I'd rather visualize my bathroom with all the crap I'm gonna use in it. People that spend time pretending their freakin bathroom is an art gallery have no life.

  • Alisa

    normally I'd recommend anything but white too.. but with that shower it seems like white subway tile is indeed the way to go. maybe white porcelain pulls for the doors.

  • felizlady

    Because the coloration and veining pattern is different in the shower surround and in the sink counter, I suggest you try to find a tile or remnant stone with the same white color and milky appearance as in the sink counter. It can be a simple rectangular tile or a leftover piece of stone you may be able to find at a stone fabricator’s place. I have found nice offcuts and partial slabs at my fabricator’s leftover room. Since you don’t have a sample piece of the sink counter to take with you, bring three or four photos of the counter to help you choose. If you find a tile, you can bring one sample home to see how it looks with the counter in your home, but I would search for a slab so you won’t have a grouted backsplash over a slab counter.

  • RedRyder

    Look for a white shower curtain with a thin beige border and keep it closed. The shower tile fights the countertop. Since the front of the bathroom is what is mostly seen (and used) keep your backsplash choice in line with the vanity.
    Beth is usually right about these things and the suggestion to stick to plain white is correct. Find a white tile that complements your marble vanity top. It shouldn’t be too expensive to do that wall.

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