Help needed with ideas for the exterior of my house please.

Cheri c
June 19, 2019
last modified: June 19, 2019

All, I am considering making few updates to the exterior for resale value. Third pic is beginning of winter. The second pic is before I re-stained the front door. The third pic is recent. I do have larger light fixtures ready to install. What else would you recommend for my house before I put it on the market? (**as you can see from the road view, the dormers really stand out)

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  • jbtanyderi

    Because the roof and the rest of the house are colour-matched, there is no sense of line.

  • Cheri c

    I don't know that I understand what that means or how to remedy. (except that it is too color matched)

  • PRO
    Build Beautiful

    Hi Cheri,

    Curb appeal is one thing & you seem to have a lot of that goinf on already. One of the best things you can do when selling a house is on the INTERIOR - and that's staging.

    On average, staged homes get 10% higher returns. Add that to time on the market & tax write-off, you're golden.

    Here's an article on its benefits:


  • decoenthusiaste

    groveraxle added these shutters and door trim to this house yesterday. I think your entry would look better if the trim were a bit smaller and surrounded the door. I would also paint it and the dormers more of the shade of the brick or the mortar so they don't pop so much.

  • Cheri c

    Here is what I am thinking:
    --Add shutters to the dormers
    --Paint shutters and trim above door a charcoal/brown
    -Paint window boxes a shade darker than shutters.
    --Paint dormers a hue closer to brick color in a greige tone, but not as dark because of roof color
    --- keep gutters, downspouts and trim around the door the same.
    ---paint garage doors (can't see) same as dormers.

    Thoughts please!!..and will it help resale.

    (I agree with staging being as or more important. I have been slowly working toward that in each room)

  • decoenthusiaste

    I agree with the dormers and garage door paint matching.

    Don't add more stick-on shutters; in fact, remove all of them (unless there is a big difference in the brick color behind them when removed.) They don't suit the style or the size of the windows or house. There is not enough space for any that look proportional to the windows anyway.

    The window boxes are too small; they should be almost as large as the door trim piece to look balanced. They appear to have been borrowed from a smaller home and used here as a make-do. Anyone who does not have a green thumb will not appreciate the maintenance and upkeep they represent; especially being on the second floor. If you want flower boxes, use some larger ones with high impact on the ground floor windows.

    Downspouts should blend into the brick color, not stand out. They draw vertical lines of contrast that tend to "box in" your house.

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