Anyone looking for cheap, comfy sneakers?

June 20, 2019

I was at my doctor’s office the other day and the nurse was wearing the cutest sneakers. She told me she had just purchased them at Costco. I made a beeline there and bought a pair. They are Skechers slipon with memory foam and weigh nothing - $29.99! I was looking for an extra pair to take on a trip to Ireland/Scotland later and these may work. I’ll use some waterproof spray on them.

I‘ve had them on all day today and they are so comfy.

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  • 3katz4me

    I don't wear sneakers but I tried on some highly rated Skechers golf shoes and now have them on my Zappos wish list - for when I get good enough to warrant golf shoes. I tried them on in the store and they were fabulous. I've never had any Skechers shoes but might have a pair soon.

    We always browse the shoe aisle at Costco as you can get some very good deals on great shoes but they're fleeting. DH just bought a pair of Sperrys for $35 vs. the usual $95.

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  • ravencajun Zone 8b TX

    I love Skechers they are so comfortable and light weight and cute. I had several pair I lost in the flood. I looked at the ones at Costco recently they had some cute shoes. We have a Skechers outlet not far from us, it's not good when we visit them! Lol

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  • eld6161

    I can't wear Sketchers.

    Here are two of mine to add to the list

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  • OutsidePlaying

    Cute eld! My DD wears NB for work (CRNP) and is on her feet for 8-10 hours on a shift. She has a wide foot and can’t wear the Skechers either. The NB are usually too wide in the heel for me and rub a blister. I like the Puma with the dark sole.

    Raven, DH found he liked Skechers too, and it would be awful if we had an outlet close by!

  • Kathsgrdn

    I have two pair of Sketchers, they are comfortable even without any arch support that I can see. The thing I don't like about them are they always come untied. Drives me nuts. I have to retie them multiple times a day, even when I tie them tight they come loose for some reason.

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  • joann_fl

    Sketchers are the only shoes I can wear without pain.

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  • pennydesign

    My daughter wears these...she had them on and I remarked how cute they were...

    I can only wear some sketchers (I have feel like an elephant) but I do really like them...plus there's an "outlet" near me :)

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  • pudgeder

    I have several pairs of Skechers, and like all of them.

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  • whatsayyou18

    I like Sketchers but replace them often due to the tendency of the memory foam to break down. We were in New Zealand when I stepped out of the car and had intense pain in one foot, enough that it required purchasing a pair of crutches. I'd been wearing my Sketcher's which I'd had 2-3 years and always found very comfortable. I'd even purchased a new pair which I left at home, intending this trip to be the last for the older pair. I had no problems after I switched to another pair of shoes. The good news is that the crutches got us through every airport and airline line lickety-split (we were headed for home the next day).

    Good score, Outside!

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  • catticusmockingbird

    I bought a pair of Fila sneakers for $19.99 last year at Costco. Love 'em!

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  • neetsiepie

    I am a Sketchers Go Walk devotee. I typically only wear slip on shoes due to my lymphedema, and my feet are super wide and swollen. On one of those home shopping shows they had some Go Walk lined slip ons in sizes up to 11 and in wide width. Knowing they had a good return policy I ordered a pair. They arrived in a few days and I was smitten! They felt so good and my feet and legs did not hurt after wearing them all day. I ordered 4 more pair in different colors.

    Got DH a pair of Sketchers Go Walk sneakers from Macys and he loves them-and he complains all the time about how shoes are not squishy enough for him. He's on concrete all day.

    I just ordered a pair of summery Go Walk slip ons from QVC and they should be here in a couple days. I like that they offer wide widths-the rep said that the stores don't tend to carry all sizes and widths, but on line you can get them.

  • pennydesign

    Neetsiepie, isn't it a huge relief on those days when you "forget" about your feet?? It's like a vacation.

    Thanks for the tip about more wide shoes online...I'm going to check it out.

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  • l pinkmountain

    Can you slip those on? I would love to get a pair like that but there are no Costco stores near me. I had a pair of Danskin sneakers that were slip on with adjustable velcro straps. I have worn them out and they don't make them anymore. They are fantastic for around the house and yard, when I want something more than slippers but cool and close-toed. Cool as in not too hot, not as in "groovy." For this kind of shoe, price and comfort would rule.

  • jojoco

    I bought a pair of black sketchers before our trip to Venice. they were cute enough to wear and still look (kind of) chic. They didn't scream "sneakers" and they were super comfortable for walking for hours.

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  • ritaweeda

    I discovered Sketchers a few years ago and now that's the only kind of shoe I want to wear. I have several different pairs in different colors. I also have the very first pair I bought (white) and I wash them and wear them when I work in the yard. I do have a couple of dressier pairs of shoes but I hate wearing them, luckily I don't have to dress up very often.

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  • DLM2000-GW

    Those are really cute!

    3katz if you can't find the size/color you want in the store check Costco online. I order shoes from them all the time - or did, until I let my membership lapse. Need to renew if only for the deliverable items - not used to driving close to an hour to get to Costco since our move :-(

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  • eld6161

    Cactus, I bought a Fila hiking shoe, similar. I wore it in Sedona and quickly ordered a second pair. Yes. they are comfortable, but they wore down very quickly.

    DLM, definitely renew. All items in the store are available for the same short window that they are in the store. Of course, look into items that you need on a regular basis to see if it is still worthwhile.

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  • OutsidePlaying

    Pinkmountain, yes, these slip on. The ties are totally fake.

    I did look online to see if they were available and didn’t find them. Not to say they won’t be there later. They did have a huge selection when I went by. I imagine they had just put out new stock before the weekend and they had not been discovered yet by Tuesday.

    Nice Fila’s, Catticus!

  • joann_fl

    I use my own foam insoles in all my shoes. I can't wear any without softness on the bottom. Here is the kind I buy and I replace them often. My work sketchers are at least 2 yrs old and still work fine. I buy these on eBay. They are great for problem feet.

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  • joann_fl

    I can't find that Top shoe, what is the name does it have a number? Sketcher Walk___?

  • OutsidePlaying

    Joann, here is a photo of the end of the box. As I said, they were not available online as of Tuesday.

  • jellytoast

    I'm still seeing them available on Costco's site for $29.99

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  • eld6161

    That's the thing. Costco gets a run of things and when they are gone, that's it.

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  • gardengal48 (PNW Z8/9)

    I can't wear sneakers or any shoes that laces up due to an old foot injury but I have several pairs of Skechers in slip-on styles that I love. One pair is going on 6 years old but still as comfy as the day I bought them! They are pretty much my go-to shoes for my work in summer as sandals or anything too flimsy just don't hold up well to my trekking and climbing around and my bad weather work shoes are too cumbersome and heavy in summer. I really like that they don't look casual while still being very serviceable. Very good shoes for a very reasonable price.

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  • pennydesign

    They look a bit like these.. The difference is in the eyelets, I think..


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  • ccrunneroklahoma

    I’m a huge Skechers fan. I have 6 pair, most of them I’ve bought at the outlet store. A couple years ago the store had a pair that fit well but I didn’t like the color so the sales person looked it up on the computer, found what I wanted in a store hundreds of miles away and they shipped them to me. I bought one comfy pair slightly large so I can wear them with socks around the house in the wintertime as slippers.

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  • DawnInCal

    I love my Skechers! They were recommended to me here when i was looking for shoes after i broke my knee two years ago. They are so light and comfy and I truly believe they saved our trip to Poland/Sweden. Walking was still very uncomfortable for me then and the Skechers made a huge difference.

    Next time I'm at Costco, I'll check and see if they have any. If they do, I'll grab a pair.

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  • Annie Deighnaugh

    I've mentioned these before, but in case anyone else needs a wide toe box, these are by far my favorite shoes...as close as I can get to walking barefoot with shoes on. Not cheap but worth every penny. I've gone many miles a day in these things and never a blister or anything else.


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  • salonva

    I don;t have any sketchers but I have heard all great things about them. I have seen the light regarding comfy shoes. I used to struggle with heels and wedges etc but lately will only wear flats and stylish sneaker or walking shoes. For the gym, I treated myself and got NB (at a NB store for proper fit) and have custom orthotics in those NB shoes.

    On our more recent vacations, I did bring more stylish shoes but just about every day wore a pair of Puma mesh shoes that I bought about 5 years ago at TJMaxx and they are the most comfortable, and cool lookin' too. (of course, I have looked to replace them but they are not made anymore).

    I am going to start another thread so as to not hijack this one- for sandals.

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  • ravencajun Zone 8b TX

    I got these Skechers Reggae zig zwag sandals on clearance at Academy sports and I have really enjoyed them this summer. The colors are awesome and they go with everything. They are currently on sale at Academy sports but not as good a price as I scored them for a few months ago. I thought the toe thing would bother me but I got used to it pretty quickly.

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  • Chi

    I will check them out! My feet are a nightmare to fit. They are wide, and the top part of my foot is high so most shoes hurt there. My left foot also swells occasionally as a recurrent issue from when I broke it so that's fun. I practically live in Sketchers supportive flip flops. I have to get some new ones though as all the treading has worn off mine and they are turning into skis! Dangerous.

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  • pennydesign

    I mostly live in these for my massively wide elephant feet.


    You can get them online...simple canvas slip-ons (no support so you have to add your own)

    I throw them in the wash...

    I have RA so occasionally my feet get rebellious. These need no breaking in.

  • Lars

    I buy Sketchers at one of the outlet malls, but my preference is for New Balance, and they have a store fairly close to me. They don't have men's shoes in my size, and so I have to buy women's, but they look identical.

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  • Ziemia

    joane_fl - would you share the name of those inserts please?


    I too have wide feet and stick to slip-on Sketchers and tie NB (I get youth sizes as I find more options in W).

  • maifleur01

    What Ziemia stated about buying youth sizes is what I used to do before my feet started to flatten and became longer. Boys youth sizes vs. Girls youth sizes tend to be slightly wider in the toe area which is what I needed.

    Last time I was at NB vs previously I do not remember seeing many youth sizes but overheard that they could be ordered.

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  • ravencajun Zone 8b TX

    Pennydesign, they have some just like those at Academy sports. I think theirs are called Austin. I almost bought a pair they are so cute and look very comfortable.



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  • gsciencechick

    This thread made me think of these Vionics from a previous thread. I would love to try these, but the colors I want are sold out in my size, 7.5, which seems to be a very popular size. They are sold in stores, so maybe I can find a pair locally at Norstrom or a speciality store.

    Vionic shoes

  • joann_fl

    I found them online but not in wide width You sketchers they are also on Amazon a bit cheaper

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  • carolb_w_fl_coastal_9b

    Does anybody else recall when Skechers were just “fashion” sneakers for juniors? They’ve really come a long way, haven’t they?

    I finally bought some black EZ Flex slip ons this past spring and I’ve been using them a lot! They are cute and super comfortable. I am on my feet all day at work too.

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  • Jasdip

    I was at Costco this morning and remembered this thread. I looked at the only women's shoes they had were Fila, but they look so similar to OutsidePlaying's Sketchers. I was shocked that they were $29.99 so I bought them. Being Canadian, I was expecting more money.

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  • OutsidePlaying

    Great find, Jasdip! Very similar, yes, and happy you found something you love. I am usually so hard to fit, I figure $29.99 is a real bargain.

  • pennydesign

    Thanks for the heads-up, Raven! They have them in stock in the store that's about 2 miles from my house, so I'm going to check them out for fit. :)

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  • tiwall

    Love my Go Walk Sketchers. I didn't think I would like them as much as my usual Asics Gel, but I gave in to a bogo offer at our local dept. store and I'm glad I did. As kathgard says....they do come untied a lot, so I normally double tie...lol.

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  • carolb_w_fl_coastal_9b

    Maybe a bit OT, but has anyone else seen these stretchy laces? They are made by a number of different companies. The ones in the photo are Hickies. Never fuss with your shoelaces again...

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  • eld6161

    That is interesting but I don't think I could use them. Looks like you only get one width once they are closed and you can't widen where needed.

  • carolb_w_fl_coastal_9b

    They come in various sizes.

  • joann_fl

    just found them on ebay, the ones from China are much cheaper Laces

  • maifleur01

    When I was going to the gym I found that for certain things I was doing I liked my shoes tight like running but other things such as some of the classes where you moved side to side there was less swelling and pain if the shoes were looser I think I would pass on these one size plastic things. I also wonder how long they last before they broke or the connection started opening by itself.

  • blubird

    I have these LockLaces. You can adjust them for various activities. I’m lazy.

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  • Stan Areted

    Not necessarily cheap, not expensive--but ALLBIRDS hands down are the most comfortable--the all wool version.

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