Water filter system to remove sodium from well water

Lisa Crock
June 23, 2019

Can anyone recommend a good water filter system to filter out sodium from my well water. This is for drinking water because I am on a low sodium diet.

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  • weedmeister

    Are you sure it contains sodium? Or are you using a softener that uses sodium? If the later, then a reverse osmosis system for drinking water would do the trick.

  • Jim Mat

    As weedmeister poster, Reverse Osmosis. I looked into treating my tap water vs buying bottled water. For drinking and cooking, bottled water did not cost as much as home treated water.

  • Lisa Crock

    I do have sodium in my well water, and I do not use a softener. My water is really soft all on it's own. I would like to stop having to buy water all the time. I also by ice since I don't want to use the ice from my refrigerator.

  • Jake The Wonderdog

    Hi Lisa,

    Would you mind posting your water analysis results?


  • Lisa Crock

    Hi Jake, sorry this took so long, I had my water tested again and just got the results. They are attached. All looks good I think, except the sodium is high, and as I mentioned I am on a low sodium diet. I just want an under sink filter system. I would like a spout on the sink and also have it connected to my refrigerator. Can both be done? Thanks, for any suggestions.

  • Jake The Wonderdog

    Hi Lisa,
    Sorry I missed this earlier.

    A reverse osmosis water filter will remove the sodium and is the way to go for your drinking water. You are probably looking at an under-the-counter model. I don't know that one is so much better than the other - I do know you can really go down a rabbit hole with drinking water filters... seriously.

    Know that any model requires maintenance of the filters and such. Keep that in mind when you are looking at installing one.

    Take a look at Amazon and read the reviews and such. Again, you are looking at reverse osmosis - you probably don't need all the other bells and whistles

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