plumbing replacement of water intake pipe from meter to house

June 24, 2019

leak detection service

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  • maifleur01

    Plumbers here can do it but they will also tell you that if there is one leak the pipe needs to be replaced. Unless the pipe has been damaged during construction or something similar the pipe has deteriorated to a point that more leaks will happen. A leak can occur any place along a pipe and the water will move down the pipe as it is the path of least resistance so if you have a wet spot the actual leak may be feet or yards away.

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  • murraysmom Zone 6a OH

    The pipes from my house to the street are all old clay pipes that can break and back up. I spent a boatload of money having those pipes "lined" with a substance that is a solid one piece from the house to the street, thereby eliminating the possibility of a break or leak. They did this from the inside of the house to the outside to the street. If I had not done it, and there was a problem, they would have to tear up the front yard, including taking down a tree that was there at the time, to find and repair the pipe or pipes. I have had no problem whatsoever since having that done.

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  • Elmer J Fudd

    You're describing a sewage connection, not fresh water intake

  • PRO

    I had a leak between the water line in the street in front of my house, and where it entered the house. It was actually between the meter (near the street) and the house. The plumbers were able to identify where it was (pretty much 2 ft from the house), dig this up and replace a section of the pipe. I was very impressed at the respect they showed for my plant material. I don’t know the cost as I had insurance with the water company for this and it covered every penny.

  • lovemrmewey

    Thanks, all. When I found a leak detector company, calculated that with repair costs I decided to replace the entire water line!

    Thanks again!

  • bob_cville

    Our electricity provider has repeatedly sent us letters offering insurance coverage for the cost of replacing the water line between the water meter and the house, which here at least, is the responsibility of the homeowner. Given that we are on a well, and therefore there is no water meter, I don't think their insurance would be a cost effective measure for us. :-)

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    bob_cville, my youngest has a property in rural central Va on a well and they got the same letter. glad they asked me what I thought about it, told them will do them no good since no water meter or line from street.

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