need advice on lingering cigarette smoke smell after 1 year

June 25, 2019

We bought a house that had just had the entire interior repainted and all carpet replaced. I thought the house smelled like cigarette smoke, but my husband said the smell was just fresh paint. It turned out that the previous owners did smoke in the house a lot. One year later, the smell is not gone. We have aired it out often, put baking soda in every room and closet, put Gonzo odor eliminators in every room, put apple cider vinegar in a crock pot on low in various rooms, had air ducts cleaned out, scraped popcorn ceilings, etc. I don't think that they used a primer before they repainted the house. Is there any chance that repainting the whole interior with a primer will stop the smell? Or is it too late since they painted over it without primer? I think the house was not smoked in after the carpet was replaced. The carpet still smells like new carpet. It seems like the smell is trapped in the drywall, wood trim, and cabinets. Any suggestions?

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