Show us your little colorful leaf or potted plants for summer, please!

Meyermike(Zone 6a Ma.)
June 26, 2019
last modified: June 26, 2019

Here are a few of mine...Enjoy and I would love to see what little colorful gems everyone has here, so please share.

Variegated Crosby Compact: From Germany or Japan, not sure, but most likely Germany.

PInk blush Japanese miniature Portulacaria afra form a local Bonsai shop of whom only had three of these, hard to obtain according to him which I don't believe.

Some sort or variegated small leaf crosby jade from Germany

Alo Pink something


I think LIme light variegated

Not sure but from a good friend in Germany

This one is from South Korea and don't lknow the name

From South Korea no name: Gifted from an amazing person here.

Black leaf Hoya Lacnossa, hard to find after 6 months of looking, someone felt bad and offered a few cuttings of her mother plant for a heft price, but far worth it for the distinct coloring and very fragrant flowers.

Variegated Gollum: Gifted from a wonderful and good harted member here.

Some sort of Hoilday Cactus lost the tag

Langlois, this a baby from original mother plant that died originated from Glenn


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