Rabbit rabbit tonight for good luck in July

Annie Deighnaugh
June 30, 2019

If the first words out of your mouth the first thing tomorrow morning are "rabbit rabbit", you'll have good luck all month.

- no need to say it to anyone...just say it

- anytime after midnight is fine

Good luck everyone!

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  • DawnInCal

    Last month I got the photo posted, but forgot all about saying "rabbit, rabbit". Let's see if I can remember tomorrow - I'll try!

    Annie Deighnaugh thanked DawnInCal
  • pudgeder

    Hard to believe that it's the end of June already.

    Even harder that we are midway through 2019.

  • Annie Deighnaugh

    My grandmother always used to say at the 4th of July picnic, "Summer's over."

  • Jasdip

    Annie I'm glad you popped in and posted this. I thought of it earlier today, as our Canada Day is tomorrow, July 1st. I didn't want to make the post, as it's 'yours' that you do every month :-D

    Annie Deighnaugh thanked Jasdip
  • IdaClaire

    I need new glasses. I read that sign as "Rabbit Rabbit FUR Trade" and thought, well, the ones in there weren't so lucky. (Gah, Ida.)

  • Annie Deighnaugh

    Say it now, say it clear...rabbit rabbit ... good luck is here!

    It's after midnight where I am anyway....


  • DawnInCal

    Three hours to go here...if I'm awake, I'll try to remember to say it tonight. Seems like it would be easier to remember tonight than to remember in the morning.

  • yeonassky

    2 hours to go here. :-). Thanks again for the reminder. Always appreciate it :-)

  • salonva

    Thank you for the reminder. (well.... we are dog sitting and I somehow spoke to the guest dog first but quickly remembered rabbit rabbit so hopefully I am still covered)

  • ravencajun Zone 8b TX

    We both did it last night!

  • Feathers11

    I was up after midnight and remembered to say it. The dog looked at me sideways, though.

  • Bunny

    Finally, success. It was easy. I wrote "rabbit rabbit" on a sticky and stuck it to my bedside clock, knowing I'd wake up during the night. First time was well after midnight, so I said it. I might have said it several times, so I'm stocked up for the next few months.

  • yeonassky

    No luck this time as DH and I were in the middle of a conversation about paperwork. :-(. Can anybody say Tibbar Tibbar. That's what I will be saying at 11:59 p.m. tonight. Shrug who knows if it will work.

  • OutsidePlaying

    I remembered! Twice. Once around 2 am and again when I got up for good measure.

  • DawnInCal

    Forgot again - shoot!

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