My Wild, Wild West! (Lots of Pics!)

July 2, 2019
last modified: July 2, 2019

I was sorting through my huge collection of photos this morning, as I sat out on our front portal watching for wildlife. And, I started thinking about how amazing and wonderful it is that this tomboy from the suburbs of Michigan ended up out here living in the West. As a kid, I fantasized about "The West" while watching Roy Rogers and Dale Evans on Saturday mornings, but never in my wildest dreams thought I'd end up living out here! It is, at times, truly the "Wild, Wild West", and I'm thankful that I can enjoy and appreciate (most of) the wildlife I encounter here in our Northern New Mexico mountain village. Anyhoo, I thought you might enjoy seeing some of my photos of my "neighbors".

We encourage and appreciate the wild horse herds that roam freely around here. They actually wander through our village and our properties many times a week. Here are three of them grazing right at the entrance to our grade school.

Many of us put out water for them during the dry periods. Here's one of our newest (wild) foals this Spring.

Sometimes they do get a bit too curious, though! Good Morning! This was at my neighbor's house (LOL)!

A sweet bunny getting a drink IN one of my birdbaths (LOL)! I’m so glad that I caught this one with my camera. How cute!

One of 3 deer out on our property a couple of weeks ago.

This bobcat caught one big bull snake! We have a 5 1/2-ft long bull snake who lives under our wood rack. Bull snakes are nonpoisonous and keep the mice and packrat population down, so they're the good guys out here.

Bull snakes don't bother me . . . except when I find one IN our house! This baby somehow got in one frigid, early-Spring day when our front door blew open. He was looking for someplace warm, I guess. DH caught him and put him back outside, though.

This guy, though, was NOT welcome! He'd climbed over the wall and into my garden patio this past Father's Day. We had to send this one to Rattlesnake Heaven though, as he was very aggressive!

And, most of you have already heard about the local black bear and it's cub who visited our place pretty much every night last Summer and Fall. Thankfully, it's been a wetter than usual time this year so far and they're hopefully staying further up the mountain from here!

And the momma's muddy footprints down our road one morning after a rain. They turned from there right down our driveway! One morning, this past September, though, I found them both just 15-feet away from my screened bedroom patio door at 9:15 in the morning, chomping on two of my hummingbird feeders! I had no idea they were out that late in the morning!

And then we have a much tamer, but still wild thing that plagues us all every time the wind gets up: Tumbleweeds! Although I love the song, “Tumbling Tumbleweeds”, in reality these things are nasty, full of prickly thorns and can get big enough to dent your car. I took this pic in the parking lot of my local grocery store just a few months ago! They were all over, and many lodged under cars there after a high wind came through.

OK, one final tame and pretty pic: our beautiful mountain views. I'm so glad that I live here in our wonderful Land of Enchantment, New Mexico!

I know that many of us here would enjoy seeing some of your own wild things photos.

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