Should i take reposibility for my boyfriends child?

sasha shawn
last year

I'm in my 20s no kids my boyfriend is also in his 20s with a 1 year old. My question is it right for him to leave me babysitting the baby on the times we have him because he has things to do? I do care for him and have nothing against him. Sometimes I think I feel overwhelmed because ive never had experience with kids. He sometimes expects me to do mommy duties change diapers, pick up after him, or like for example if he has things to do and i also do on my only days off he leaves him with me and sometimes i freak out from feeling like i have to watch someone at all times and if i go somewhere have to take everything with me. I feel bad saying no to watching him but i have mentioned it is not my full responsibility because i dont have kids and dont plan to have any anytime soon. I do help when i want because i do care for him like i do make food for him and bathe him and stuff out of my own choice but he has told me how do i want to be a mom later in years when we get married if i cant do mommy duties right now . im really young and i dont think he understands i dont know how to handle certain situations correct . he also lives with me the baby doesnt but he does.

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