wall light/sconce suggestions

July 3, 2019

I am looking for a PLUG-IN wall light to illuminate a desk/work space (pic attached). Light fixtures in close proximity are mostly black (or ORB) with brass accents.

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  • Kendrah

    Rejuvination usually has a good selection of plug in sconces. Check them out.

  • Gcubed

    Thanks all. I will look. Love Rejuvenation but can’t spend that much on this one. I will look at the other links, but just found this one. Thought?

  • daisychain01

    I picked up the Ikea Kvart sconce to use as an interm light while I looked for the perfect sconce. I still haven't changed it.

    Ikea sconce

  • Gcubed

    I settled on this sconce. Will this be hung too high? The wall plate is ~75” off the floor in these photos. Too high?
    I can adjust the arm at 2 places and the entire light can go up and down too (adjustable at wall plate).
    It will be used for task lighting (chair/computer that is in pic)

  • wdccruise

    I feel sorry for whoever has to work there; there's no place for knees and the work surface is too shallow even for the laptop. I'd add a white desk (example, example) or table, or extend the shelf to make a suitable work area. Then I'd plug in a desk lamp to the same outlet the laptop is plugged into.

  • Gcubed

    This is where the laptop lives/charges. They don’t do homework there, just have found themselves playing games while computer charges. They’ve spent more time there than I expected- no knee complaints and one kid is a teenager (doors also open if knee space is wAnted). I considered a pull out self but adding it was more cumbersome at the time of the build so decided to wait and see how area gets used. The corner is dark, hence the light.

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