One each of all my current blooming roses

July 4, 2019

It's been a slow start but I finally cut some roses for display. Not everything is blooming yet.

Lower Left vase: Pretty Lady Rose, Chuckles, Golden Wings

Center vase: Sally Holmes (huge spray - my favorite!)

Right Vase: Pretty Lady Rose and the Fairy.

The others I have (some repeats):

Top Row: Iceberg, Altismmo (maybe), Amiga Mia (large shell pink), Dainty Bess and Chuckles.

Middle Row: NOID white and Dick Koster (small pink ball like rose)

Bottom: Pretty Lady Rose,Golden Wings and Robusta

Here is a newer Amiga Mia bloom.

Overall I like the bush and the flowers seem to mature nicely.

I think Dainty Bess is going to be a favorite.

Playboy is pretty but no blooms today, just buds so I'm posting a picture from a few days ago. This bush got taken to the ground last winter and then all the new growth knocked off three times by hail. However it kept coming back.

Golden Wings kind of surprised me how much I like the flowers as contrast to all my pink roses.

And Chuckles, poor Chuckles, seems much happier in the shade. We'll see if if finally takes off and the blooms don't fry. So far so good but it has been an unusual year.

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  • nanadollZ7 SWIdaho

    Mmmm, you've waited a long time, and the reward are some very lovely roses. Sally Holmes is a favorite of mine, too; and pretty lady reveals shows delicacy and coloring. I love the little bud vase she's displayed in. I grow Dainty Bess and love that you are, too. You're off to a great start with her. Amiga Mia is gorgeous. If your Dainty Bess hasn't gone through one of your winters, to be on the safe side, I'd give her some winter protection. I hope your don't have more problems posting on Houzz--be persistent. It's a challenge to post on this web site quite often. Diane

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  • seil zone 6b MI

    Beautiful and some of my favorites too!

    mmmm12COzone5 thanked seil zone 6b MI
  • mmmm12COzone5

    Thanks nanadoll for the encouraging words. Dainty Bess came through the winter. I did lose a little Sally Holmes to the winter and an Oranges N Lemons to hail. My big Sally Holmes lost one side of her but the other did just fine. This one was suggested by Matt at High Country Roses and I just bought it on his suggestion with no research and I don't recall being all that enamored in the green house. But the big sprays of blooms really impress me because I didn't know roses grew like this.

    I just love the stamens on Dainty Bess and Golden Wings.

    Chuckles and Playboy don't quite have the same impact because there isn't as much contrast.

    I'm pretty new to rose growing so still discovering what I like and don't like.

    My first chosen rose, Robusta, that I researched and researched before buying isn't turning out to be a favorite. It is the biggest of my 3 yr old bushes.

    And the individual flowers are pretty but they are smaller than I thought and the overall presence on the bush is ho-hum.

  • ingrid_vc so. CA zone 9

    Your Pretty Lady really caught my eye and Golden Wings is so pretty. Your arrangement of roses in vases is lovely.

    mmmm12COzone5 thanked ingrid_vc so. CA zone 9
  • Vaporvac Z6-OhioRiverValley

    Those all look great and you've moved me a tad more toward getting Dainty Bess and Golden Wings just for those stamens! I hope my Sally takes off like yours. I planted one in the ground last year and it died this spring. Who knows why? Thankfully, I had a backup cutting and put that in a different spot, so I'm hoping it makes it. How is Lady in Red doing? Didn't you get that to replace a huge once-bloomer? Sorry to hear about OnLs. You guys have way more hail than I would have imagined. As usual, your garden looks neat as a pin. : )) P,S. Love the arrangements and the vases!

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  • mmmm12COzone5

    Lady in Red had lots of buds but no blooms. Should be spectacular in a week or so. Just after I cut all those blooms yesterday we had another hail storm. Didn't seem to do too much damage. I think the early growth is the weakest.

    I ended up putting Fourth of July in place of the large beautiful once bloomer. It is also doing well but no blooms right now. I think the new ones are on a different bloom cycle than the older ones. I also added Parade Day and nothing on that either.

    I think I put my Love Song into too much shade as nothing on that. We may have to relocate it to a sunnier spot. I'm thinking of swapping Dick Koster and Love Song as Dick Koster is really washed out in full sun.

  • Vaporvac Z6-OhioRiverValley

    I've read the Kosters can take some shade so that may be a good idea. Now I remember you decided to put 4th of July near your house. I finally got my LiR in the ground last week and she seems happier already. I'm a terrible pot mom.

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  • Stephanie, 9b inland SoCal

    Love the stamens on Dainty Bess!

    mmmm12COzone5 thanked Stephanie, 9b inland SoCal
  • mmmm12COzone5


    While I love the individual flowers on Golden Wings in the greenhouse, I have now seen the bush at the Denver Botanical Gardens and 3 bushes in my neighborhood. Flowers aren't nearly as big as I though they would be. However I think it won best of show at the Denver Rose show this year. I remember seeing a box of six on the stand along with an individual bloom. The blooms were huge and gorgeous! But that seems to be the exception. They are mostly mid sized (yet still gorgeous) on the bushes I've seen. Just not very prolific. Time will tell. Maybe if I keep the bush small the flowers will come out bigger. My real swoon is Dainty Bess. I love her coloring. But I wanted to buy the one Matt recommended also (Golden Wings) because he was so spot on with Sally Holmes.

    Were trying to get the Sally Holmes I rooted to take in the front yard. It is the only one to survive the winter in our basement but not showing new growth so maybe it is just a petrified dead rose pretending to be alive.

  • Vaporvac Z6-OhioRiverValley

    LOL! I have few cutting like that. : (( I think you will end up loving GW. Having many different sized blooms helps make the garden alive and interesting. It's fun to mix up roses with similar shaped blooms, but different sizes. It is so hot here and humid! ...upper 70s dew point. I planted 1 tree and two roses. today It doesn't seem like much, but did a lot of other stuff as well.

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  • mmmm12COzone5

    My three Pretty Lady Roses are getting their first flush. I wish I could find more that perform like this in Colorado.

  • nanadollZ7 SWIdaho

    Mmmm, those two Pretty Ladies are beautiful ladies. Diane

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  • mmmm12COzone5

    Thanks Diane!

    They had a tremendous amount of surviving cane from last year but I over pruned them because practically everything else I had died to the ground so these got cut back also. But they have come back beautifully. If I ever manage to prune them right they may get to be good sized. I have been very impressed with Pretty Lady Rose in Colorado. The blooms are a bit washed out right now but that seemed to happen last year on the first flush and then they darkened back up later.

    Sally Holmes, of course, is as gorgeous as ever.

    We planted my attempted cutting out front so will have to see if it starts to show some new growth.

  • suncoastflowers

    Beautiful! I really love the singles with contrasting stamens. They are so charming. Your rocks/hardscaoe is lovely. I really like how you used the bigger rocks to envircke the Pretty Ladies. It's all very tidy and fitting for your area.

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  • mmmm12COzone5

    My Lady in Red is blooming! I think this one is going to be a favorite. No fragrance though, so that is a bummer. She is still a little sprawly since we just put her in this year as a small band. Supposed to climb eventually. I cut the most mature bloom off for the vase.

    Forth of July also has some blooms. This was also new this year. I think the new additions are on a different bloom schedule. Also a climber.

    Lady in Red close up.

    Lady in Red and Pretty Lady rose in a vase.

    I've only got three more that haven't bloomed yet. Parade Day had a bud so is coming soon. Love Song has nothing so not sure if it will bloom this year. It is planted in the shade which is probably a mistake. Winnipeg Parks went in a week or so ago so were hoping it lives since it is being hit with high heat.

  • Vaporvac Z6-OhioRiverValley

    Very nice! I might have mentioned I just got my LIR in the ground very recently and it's putting out new little leaves. It'll probably be a while before it blooms as it was just sticks after being in a pot. I can't wait to see more of your new roses.

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  • Vaporvac Z6-OhioRiverValley

    Are you growing your Sally Holmes up some sort of a structure or is it free standing like that? Mine is sprawling on the ground.

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  • mmmm12COzone5

    Amazingly it is free standing like that. This is the bush that half died from the side and I worried if I didn't cut the other half back it would be lopsided. You said to leave it and it would look fine. It looks fantastic! Thank you for the advice.

    Below is what it looked like in April. We took off some of what we thought was obviously dead but it may not have been. We're very new with roses so not always sure.

    Below is in May when I could see what lived and what died. You can see the left half of the bush died back to the ground but the right half lived. Don't know why unless the wind caught that side just so.

    I'm kind of surprised it hasn't filled in more from the ground on the side that died.

    Edit: On second thought, maybe the rabbits are eating any new shoots at the ground. Since it is a larger rose we don't have the fencing around it.

  • mmmm12COzone5

    Here are some additional angles. The lean from a half bush die off is more noticeable at this angle.

    But even with the lean the bush still looks fantastic from any angle. If the roses (all or most of them) start to thrive in this bed I want to take out the low growing evergreen you see behind Sally Holmes to allow for an additional bed.

    Unfortunately not all my Sally Holmes have done so well. This is Sally Holmes #2 that was put in 3 years ago also. Puny in comparison. Maybe Sally likes the high heat of the rocks.

    Sally Homes #3 died. As did Sally Holmes #4 which replaced #3 when it died. Lady in Red is now in almost the same location and looks to be doing well.

    I tried to root a Sally Holmes last year. This year is what went in the ground from that effort. Not too promising looking. We're hoping she surprises us and takes hold. This is in the front of the house so a different micro climate than we've tried with the other roses.

    If I had only put in 2 Sally Holmes and one kept dying while the other was puny I wouldn't think much of this rose at all. Luckily the big one is thriving as it gives me hope for my other roses.

    My other great hope for roses is Pretty Lady Rose. All three that I bought have done fantastic. This is the one in the same bed as Sally. It is closer to the house so gets less light.

  • Sheila z8a Rogue Valley OR

    I think Sally does love heat. I saw fantastic plants in California. Your big one looks great, mmmm.

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  • Vaporvac Z6-OhioRiverValley

    Just gorgeous. I agree with Sheila as I recall Cori Ann had beautiful SHs. She kept hers slightly shaded, but it's very where she lives. My original plant was on a lower level and I think the cold air falling down did her in over the winter. Her clone is now loving it in the full sun front yard, sending out tons of buds and just starting to bloom, but has a LONG way to go to look like yours! : )) I really hope she makes it through the winter in this spot. She'll actually climb in some gardens around here, but one never knows with these micro-climates. : ((

    My Chuckles is finally doing something.... a few blooms as a first flush, but now is covered in buds and has put on good growth. That area would look wonderful all in roses, but I do like the contrast of roses and evergreens. Perhaps you could plant the roses a little closer for the time being. I've realized I can do that with roses that experience some die-back.

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  • mmmm12COzone5

    Vaporvac, Do you have a pictures of your Chuckles?

    My Parade Day is finally blooming. We put it in earlier this year, around April.

    This is the bloom on the lower left.

    This is the one on the upper right.

    I picked Parade Day because it had a wonderful scent in the green house. The flowers were pretty but not show stoppers. But I think it may turn out to be a favorite because the flower is a show stopper in my garden. I tend to really like the bright colors and this is coming in bright.

  • mmmm12COzone5

    Lady in Red continues to perform. Here she is with some aged blooms. I started to try and train her against her trellis. I'm hoping she is cane hardy so develops into a good sized plant.

    She is really hard to get good pictures of. I need a different camera that processes her brilliant red color better. I love how full and large the blooms are.

    Finally there is a tiny bud on Love Song so maybe next week I will have a bloom.

  • Vaporvac Z6-OhioRiverValley

    She is really blooming and I think finally coming a bit into her own, but that bed is really too much of a huge weed embarrassment since I had to fence it off for the deer. It's on a steep hill to start with and the fence makes it very awkward to get into and work so it's been neglected since. I hate the deer. I am moving some of my roses from that bed as it gets too cold for them and replacing them with Pink Pets, so it may inspire me to weed and put down my weed suppressant aka. horsehair underlay! : )) When I do that I'll get some pics, but it's making a very cheery scene at the moment. Unfortunately, the color clashes a bit with Pink Pet so I may do some rearranging next spring if I can clear out my long hill.

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  • mmmm12COzone5

    Don't worry about the weeds. We've all had them. Would love to see what a more mature one looks like. Mine have been flowering nicely but not really growing.

  • Vaporvac Z6-OhioRiverValley

    The problem is they obscure the rose they are so tall. Mine is grafted planted last year.

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  • mmmm12COzone5

    Playboy is doing well. It seems to like the heat. Oddly it isn't being decimated by the Japanese beetles.

    Golden wings has great blooms in the morning but they are all chewed up by the evening.

    Dick Koster seems to be doing well vs the Japanese Beetles also.

    And Parade Day. Although the beetles occasionally get one.

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