Large field stone fireplace What to do-if anything?

The Netherwood
July 8, 2019

We are in the process of a major renovation of our 1980s shed-style contemporary. The fireplace is rustic, built with stone harvested on the property (no shortage of field stone in NH, "The Granite State")

Our reno style is contemporary and not sure how the current fireplace fits. Planning on moving the TV to over the fireplace and eliminate the wood entertainment center and put a second sofa against that wall. The photo of the family room above was taken with my back to the kitchen, at the end of the wood table. New white trim has been installed but the door is being replaced with natural Fir. Below is a photo of the, freshly renovated kitchen, so you have a feel for the style we are trying to continue into the connecting family room.

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  • deb s

    add a beautiful thick old wood mantle and leave it alone - its beautiful

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  • branson4020

    I agree with the beauty - and the mantle, but you might want to give it a good cleaning first - detergent solution followed maybe with a muriatic acid solution.

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  • PRO

    IMO the fireplace looks good, but you have options.

    You can limewash the stone

    You can add mortar to the joints to create a different appearance.

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  • The Netherwood

    Thanks for the comments and suggestions. Very kind.

    We considered painting the stone but I don't particularly appreciate the look of painted stone. The other thing we have considered is covering it with white wall and a mantle-something like this (sloppy mock up)

  • wsea

    Leave the fireplace. Keep tv on same wall it’s currently on but it needs to be so much lower. it looks like it’s towering over anyone who dares enter the space.

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  • jslazart

    IMHO, the fireplace is stunning and I would not change it. I think it works just fine with everything else you have going on. And I'm saying this as someone who dislikes most fireplaces. The TV definitely needs to be lower.

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  • skmom

    That fireplace is awesome... think of it like a neutral, like a nice wood floor is neutral. Your new kitchen is lovely... honestly, I’d get rid of the brown wall color and go with a soft white in the kitchen and into that family room. I think that stone is lovely.

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  • PRO
    RL Relocation LLC

    The weight of the room is all on the FP wall, and since it buts into the current tv wall putting a sofa on that wall might look all sorts of off center. Could a sofa face the fireplace? could you do a sectional with the L to the right and keep the tv on the wall it is on now?

    Over all the Fireplace works its not white or have rustic modern that works.

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  • HU-161159613

    Love your kitchen!

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  • K Laurence

    I love your kitchen & fireplace. Don’t mess it up with paint or whatever ... it’s beautiful.

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  • PRO
    RL Relocation LLC

    food for thought:

    can you remove the black fire box?

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  • The Netherwood

    Thanks for the suggestion, but the brown enamel fireplace insert puts out 70,000 BTU and we have used it for years as primary/supplemental heat.

    In New Hampshire an open fireplace is a heat draw and used only sparingly for ambiance.

  • Pamela Rowley

    I could picture your fireplace chimney having the center stone removed (if possible) or covered with drywall, painted to match the walls, and create this modern feel. Plenty of room still for your tv above.

    West Hills 32 · More Info

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  • shirlpp

    How in the world is that fireplace going to fit in with a contemporary style? You are on the right track with your mock-up.

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  • The Netherwood

    Thanks for all the comments and suggestions they help a lot.

    Here are some additional photos that might help with perspective. The bottom of the TV is 56 inches from the floor. Its a comfortable viewing position from a recliner :)

  • Kathleen Kirchoff

    Normally i hate TVs over fireplaces but in this case that would a good idea. The earthiness of the stone helps warm up the starck whiteness of the cabinets. The darkness of the TV would blend into the colors of the stone and its smoothness would be an echo of the kitchen. Also it would help you catch the weather news while grabbing breakfast. The seating could be rearranged in an L with sofa facing the fireplace to open the traffic flow from the door. All the seating could enjoy either view from the windows or the fireplace.

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  • PRO
    RL Relocation LLC

    How many people sit in this room on a nightly bases?

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  • tatts

    Great fireplace!

    But that TV hangs like the Sword of Damocles on that wall--much too high for its size. I dislike TVs on fireplaces because of their poor usability up high like that. And in this case it would hide the really swell stone work. I would drop it down and more toward the fireplace, on a swing arm.

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  • The Netherwood

    Thanks for the comments. Two people live in the house. Our four adult kids live locally and visit from time to time.

    The door next to the fireplace leads to the 3 season enclosed porch and is primarily used to bring in firewood. The main door to the house is 30 feet away.

    Thanks to your comments-probably going to get a low entertainment center and lower the tv for now and considering mounting it over the fireplace. My wife really wants to cover much of the stone but that’s a project that will follow many others-if at all.

    It seems our difference of opinion is reflected by the community here.

  • teddytoo

    How about just adding a beautiful wood mantle like in your inspiration photo without drywall above. Decorated it would Break up all the stone and look less massive.

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  • PRO
    Patricia Colwell Consulting

    I have a huge stone fireplace in my house I thought I would hate it and would cover it in concrete and I am so glad i didn’t it is my favorite thing.Don’t usually have the sofa there but getting ready for a big party

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  • The Netherwood

    That is really nice and the grey color is cool and contemporary. That's a nice clean look. My stone is less uniform in color and definitely more "rustic cabin". Your colors would work with our design better, I think. But, our land yielded multi-colored granite and quartz, in every shape and size.

  • PRO
    Patricia Colwell Consulting

    This stone on mine is from our area but I think yours is nice it reflects what your area is like and I think looks good. It will be much nicer when you get a new TV stand that is lower and keep the TV there instead of above the fireplace please The center of the screen should be at eye level when you are seated

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