Could I Sew Two Ruggable Rugs Together?

Alexis Alberini
July 8, 2019

So I’m in love with this rug from Ruggable but their maximum size is 8x10 and it would be too small for my space.

I’m wondering if I could have two 6x9s or two 8x10s taken to my local seamstress and have them sewn together? I know they probably max out at 8x10 because they are machine washable and a 9x12+ likely wouldn’t fit in a washer. But I figure I can bring them to a laundromat and use a larger commercial washer if necessary. I also realize the pattern is black and white so you may see white stitches on the black sections if I choose white, or black stitches on the white sections if I choose black. Thoughts? Thanks in advance!


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  • Olychick

    Before I'd stitch them together, I might research heavy duty tape that would keep the seam together and be removable for washing, then replace with fresh tape. I don't know a thing about this, but might contact the company to see if it could work:

  • Alexis Alberini

    Not a bad idea! I am a little concerned though, because from what I can tell, there is a bold black border around the rug. I fear that leaving the black border might bring more attention to the overlap?

  • Olychick

    So you intend to have the border cut off? I can't imagine how that might affect the integrity of the rugs. I'd probably spend my time shopping for a black and white tribal rug in a similar pattern in the size you need.

    eta: Birch lane 10x14 $419

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  • decoenthusiaste

    I just had a Ruggable delivered to the vacation cabin I manage (pet & kid friendly.) We're putting it in Sunday evening, so I'll have a firm opinion then. The one I'm getting has less of a defined pattern (so it will show stains even less) and is a 6x9. I'll attach pix next week and let you know what I think and if it might be an issue to cut it. Demand for the 6x9 led them to add it, so write and say you'd like a larger one. The issue may be the ability to fit a larger one than 8x10 in the W/D. Cutting might effect the washability of it; fraying you know. I'll have to look and see.

  • Alexis Alberini

    Awesome, I look forward to hearing your thoughts!! True about the fraying. I figure since they’re on the thinner side (what I’ve gathered from reviews) that I could get away with stitching them on the underside and folding them over to one side, and overlocking the stitch to prevent fraying.

  • mmp01

    I have a ruggable. You won’t need to sew them together. You can tape the rug pads they send together, then lay the rugs on top of those. They will come up easily to wash.

    The rug pad acts like Velcro.

  • pennydesign

    The problem is that unless the binding is removed, the pattern won't line up....You'll come up short.

  • decoenthusiaste

    As you can see, there is binding all around. I would be afraid to cut it off, but you could chat with the company about it. Perhaps you could rearrange your room to devise two areas and use two of their smaller rugs (this is a 6x9).This is a basement "Kids Kave" at the vacation rental cabin, so it made a big difference on the concrete floor.

  • mmp01

    The ruggable you want has 20% off with code EARLYVIP.

    BDAY20 should also work.

    Rare they’re that much off. Usually 10-15%.

  • decoenthusiaste

    Got mine at 15% as first time buyer. 20% even better!

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