Helping a friend who is out of town during master bath reno

5 days ago

My friend contracted for a master bath reno and then had an awesome opportunity to travel overseas for over 3 weeks. They decided to go ahead with the reno even though they'd be gone. We're over there each morning and evening because we're cat-sitting for them, and she asked me to take pictures each evening. Today was day 4 of work and it looks like they started putting up the hardie backer cement boards in the shower. I put a level on the shower floor and it is sloped. Looks like they installed a new drain. I see old insulation on the upper part of the wall (brown) and what looks like new insulation (white) lower down. Obviously there's no poly behind. I don't know what waterproofing they are planning for going on top of the cement board. Is everything okay so far?

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  • AJCN

    Sorry, pics didn't post. They might be too big. I'll shrink them and try again.

  • AJCN

    The wall with the insulation is an exterior wall, one side wall is next to the toilet room and the other side was is next to a closet. The footprint of the shower did not change at all.

  • AJCN

    The boards have "hardi backer wet area cement board" printed on them. There was a box of screws on the vanity:

    I guess my questions at this point are:

    1. Are the hardi boards being attached properly?

    2. Does the contractor need to slice the paper on the insulation? I can't remember the rules on that. Maybe that only needs to happen if there's poly behind?

    Pros: Please hang with me on this thread. Each day I am planning to post what the crew did that day and ask if there is anything I need to talk to them about. My friend is off the grid in a very remote place and if there are any concerns about waterproofing, I want to nip them in the bud.

  • AJCN

    How should the next section of hardie boards be arranged? I think I remember someone on a thread explaining that they should be staggered, so that there aren't any places where corners come together. Is that correct?

  • Nancy in Mich

    You,my dear, are an excellent friend!

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  • AJCN

    Darn, when I saw someone had responded I thought I'd get an answer to my question! No new pictures today bc they were still working when we went over there and I didn't want to interrupt them. But I did peek in, and there was a person welding something in the shower so I guess that's plumbing. And no more hardie boards had been added. So I'll look at it again tomorrow and try to get a pic.

  • AJCN

    Ut-oh, I think I need a pro to talk to me. The boards aren't supposed to be embedded down in the mud bed like that are they? If this is wrong, I need to talk to the foreman about it tomorrow. Here's the same pic from yesterday, but cropped to show what I'm talking about. I printed out the Hardie instructions, but I don't really understand them. I read the TCNA handbook a long time ago, so I can't remember, but isn't there a rule about not putting the boards in the mud? If someone could clear this up for me tonight, I'll talk with the foreman tomorrow.

  • jslazart

    You'll probably get better responses on the John Bridge forum, if you haven't gone over there yet. They specialize in all things tile, including correct shower construction.

  • AJCN

    I'm concerned that I'm not getting any answers here.

    If this is done wrong I would like to know. She's overseas for work in a totally off the grid and remote place, and I can't even communicate with her until her location changes and she has some cell service. I'm not "in charge" of this remodel, but if there is something wrong, I can't un-see it, so I would like to address it with the foreman if needed.

  • teddytoo

    Wish I could help but I’m posting to help it bump up. I’m hoping a pro sees and responds.

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  • teddytoo

    Can you change the title to I need a Pro to advice on bath Reno ASAP

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  • teddytoo

    Maybe go to one of the pros that you like personal page, just click on their profile pic and on their profile page there is a contact button at the bottom to send a message.

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  • Bri Bosh

    Try the John Bridge forums!

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  • kats737

    I agree - if you google your issue "hardie board in mud bed" you will get directed to a forum of pros who can help you.

  • Laura

    Why not just discuss your concerns with the foreman anyway? Then they can get resolved if anything is wrong right then and there and they don't have to tear out if something is wrong wasting time.

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    Designer Drains

    Help her by getting her a new shiny drain :)

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