Black on black, who has a matte black toilet? Love it or hate it?

Katie Jackson
4 days ago

I am recreating this bathroom and I am thinking of using a matte black toilet. Are there any modern designers who have any thoughts?

Comments (5)

  • drsaj

    SIL has a black toilet. Shows everything inside and out. Looks great when clean, but will need constant cleaning.

  • GreenDesigns

    Constant cleaning nightmare. Every bad aim or TP lint shows. On anything black. That bath is the perfect choice for those who feel they need to be punished by constant cleaning. It’s not a real life people use it bathroom. It’s an abstract concept done as art.

  • PRO
    Patricia Colwell Consulting

    The most amazing bathroom I ever did was all black with some amazing at that time halogen lighting but the toilet, sink and tub were all gloss finish I have no idea thet they actually made matte finished toilets.In my ead it doesn’t make sense maybe post a pic of the toilet. I sure hope not for a family.

  • emmarene9

    If you live in an area with hard water you will see whitish deposits in the bowl which is unattractive. Other than that, I like the idea. I think the prettiest bathroom I was in was black and had gold faucets. I know it sounds gaudy but it wasn't. I cannot comment on matte, never seen it.

  • Jora

    My Mom renovated the guest bathroom with a combo of red and black colors. Toilet was black, looked stunning the FIRST day. It all went downhill from there (and my Mom is an OCD cleaner).

    I'd vote against it.

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