tile with kitchen?

July 11, 2019

any thoughts on changing the tile in this kitchen to the the square tile pattern below?

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  • sprtphntc7a

    my first thought is the square tile - first pic- is also too busy for your kitchen. you have enough going on with the busyish cabs and busy B/S, your floor should just meld into the background. you don't need another focal point!

    in this case, less is best!!

  • dt516

    thanks! note the backslash is also changing. recommendations welcome!

  • aziline

    I love, love, love your floor. I'd only change the backsplash and be done.

  • dt516

    which floor? the current one or the potential new one?

  • PRO
    Purewal Contractors, Inc

    i would i highly recommend changing the floor tile it dosen't go along with the cabinets or so,

    something like a darker black tile or even a lighter white shade tile would look beautiful

    the pattern tile is too much

    what are you doing for the backsplash?

  • Sammy

    The current hex tile is MUCH better looking than what you’re proposing. And why are you changing the backsplash? Everything works so well as is!

  • zinnia

    I am not sure of the scope of your project. I like quirky tile, so I am trying to focus on how to make your present tile look like a relevant feature. I think the light fixtures need to be updated and more cohesive. I think the countertops could be updated as well. And I am not a fan of glazed cabinets, which is what your cabs appear to me. Others are better to address replace cabs vs refinish. I can tell you from my own experience that when you start cluttering up your counters it is time to consider replacing cabs, because you just don’t have the right cab space.

    Anyway, your original question was should you change the current tile to your proposed sample. My reaction is no.

  • zinnia

    And while keeping the flooring and backsplash is appealing, you may have to edit one or the other in order to have relevance.

  • aziline

    I love the current one. It ties your 3 cabinet colors together. The backsplash is odd man out to me.

    I would have done hex tiles but it was out of our budget buy a lot.

  • dt516

    to further clarify, we own these cabinets and they are in a different space entirely from the one pictured. hence no current floor or backsplash picked.

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