Bathroom for River Otter (how best to contain the splash!)

Mittens Cat
July 11, 2019

We are remodeling a former (small) master bathroom that will now be used by the resident River Otter. I wanted one bathroom with curbless shower in the house and this one got the nod. G.C. says he's done the prep work, but now I'm starting to rethink the curbless part due to tendency of River Otter to soak everything in his path.

Sorry I don't have exact measurements, but here's a rough sketch, not to scale. I'm heading to the property in a bit and will get exact numbers. In the meantime, wondering whether to go glass for the shower, or shower curtain, or a bit of both (one glass wall, one curtain at entrance facing toilet). Obvious concern is whether there will be enough room for a glass door with that toilet so close.

Thanks for your thoughts!

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  • Lee Baer

    Glass all around will certainly contain water splashes better than a curtain.

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  • Mittens Cat

    I forgot to mention that River Otter is not much of a cleaner, so I thought having only one side in glass cuts down on the glass cleaning somewhat! I realize it won't look as spiffy, though.

  • millworkman

    Curbless with the entire room a wetroom may be just the ticket then. When he drenches everything it won't be ruined........................

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  • acm

    Glass on both sides, sliding door on the side facing the entry, rather than the toilet. (You don't want to have to get wet to turn the water on to warm up!)

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  • Nancy in Mich

    Is the bathroom almost done, or not started yet? What a river otter craves is a wet room! That is a bathroom with a floor drain, tiled walls, and waterproofing under all of it. Then you may hose off anything in there. A squeegee and large microfiber wiping cloth will allow you to keep it looking spiffy.

    Really , it is not as big a deal as it sounds to do what I propose. I put in a floor drain in a house with a basement when my handicapped shower went in. When you don't have a curb, you may get overflow from any one of several mistakes or accidents. A floor drain protects the home. My contractor simply used the Kerdi system and got the foam shower floor pieces that will slope the floor toward the floor drain. He used a foam ramp inside the bathroom door to go a little uphill, so then the rest of the room could slant downhill to the drain. It is a small height difference that does not trip me up. My walker will roll toward the door if I park it right inside the door, but it has become a natural thing to cope with it. Here is a photo, the drain is that tile-covered square about 18" in front of the vanity leg:

    My shower is made of solid surface (similar to Corian) so things just roll off the walls, which we squeegee most times we shower. Your river otter could be a messy guy and easy to clean up after if you had this kind of set-up with a wall-mount cast iron/porcelain enameled sink without a vanity..

    Why does the little guy not want a tub? No room? In a wet room, where the room is essentially a shower, it can sit right next to the shower area.

    If your bathroom is pretty much done, you can consider something called Caregiver Shower Doors that allow you to reach over the low doors to stay dry and still use a hand-held shower head to spray your otter. You may even be able to towel dry him over the doors, or at least wrap the towel around him.

    Mullen Alcove Door With Gray Trim, White/Gray · More Info

    You use a short curtain over the doors to contain splashes, but to be able to still reach in.

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  • wdccruise

    Wouldn't a bathtub with glass on two sides be the best way to prevent the user from flooding the joint?

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  • Nancy in Mich

    Oh yeah, dimensions might help! My bathroom is not all that big. It is an 8.5' x 5' rectangle with the shower itself being another 38" x 63" box on one of the long sides. My shower is by Transolid and it is the largest one I could find without going to a custom ($$$) set-up. I have a 36" pocket door.

    You may need to click on each photo because Houzz crops and shrinks them.

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  • M V

    We need to see pictures - not of the washroom but of the River Otter! thanks in advance.

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