A couple of clump shots on Thursday

It's a bit cooler here today. Yesterday it was sweltering, but we stopped by Sugar Creek Daylilies in Darlington, Indiana and walked around for awhile. Of course we came home with three new ones. (We are downsizing--ha ha!) Here are a couple of clump shots I took today. Now if I would only remember to get the dead flowers out of the picture.

Sarah Christine is a very large flower.

King of Camelot is a good grower. It is not my favorite color, however. I like my purple richer than this.

Crocodile Jaws is another flat large yellow. That's the way Bob likes them.

Holy Sombrero is another of the flat large type. Its color is more intense than the picture shows.

I am not sure about Fireberry. This was Bob's pick.

This is the first year for Hell on Heals to bloom. It is a vigorous plant.

Lydia's Royal Robe is more to my liking as a purple.

I think this picture makes Megillah prettier than it is.

More to come . . .

Comments (11)

  • hoosier_nan (IN z5b/6a)

    Princess of Alexandria is one of our favorite Klehms. It is hard to find though.

    Another thing I need to remember when I take pictures is the background. Here is the lovely Shirley Koch in front of the gator tire.

    No seedling pictures today. There were plenty of pretty ones, some just beginning to bloom, but didn't get the pictures.


  • Brad KY 6b

    Nice, Nancy. Lydia's Royal Robe and Shirley Kotch are my favorites of these.


  • sherrygirl zone5 N il

    I like Lydia’s Robe and the two big yellows. The tractor tire made me giggle! It reminded me how many times I get my feet in photos and don’t know till it’s time to crop the photos.


  • nat4b

    Nice clumps! I like the two yellows and Lydia's Royal Robe! Oh the edge on Princess of Alexandria! The color is beautiful too.

  • Laura twixanddud - SE MI - 5b

    I don't know that I've seen Crocodile Jaws or Shirley Koch before - those are two of my favorites in the group... also Lydia's Regal Robe which I've admired before.

  • mantis__oh

    Sarah Christine is huge this year (always large anyway). I don't get a very good bud count on Lydia's Regal Robe.

  • Nancy 6b

    I agree with Brad on my picks. A tire is better than the background of some of my pics. I guess I get so wrapped up the the flowers, I don't notice my grungy garden shoes til after I have posted and everyone has already viewed it. Lots of polite folks here, no one ever mentioned it.

  • lilykate7a

    Sarah Christine and Crocodile Jaws make me happy with that bright yellow! Nice clump shots.

  • shive

    Sarah Christine makes a bright, beautiful clump, and Crocodile Jaws is another enticing yellow.! Your Lydia's Regal Robe looks great! I really liked that one here, but I hope it has better plant habits next year.


  • signet_gw(6b)

    Princess of Alexandria and Megillah are my two choices in this post . Although Holy Sombrero and Crocodile Jaws come in a very close 3rd and 4th. I like that very open flat face too!

  • organic_kitten

    I love the red of Hell on Heals, and Princess Aleaandria is a beauty. Lydia's Royal robe is my favorite..


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