Jennifer Michel
July 11, 2019
last modified: July 11, 2019

Hey guys, so I’m helping my mom remodel the first floor apartment and I have some real dilemmas rn. For a more visual aspect its a 2 bedroom, full bath, living room, kitchen and breakfast nook.

Dilemma #1 as you can see in first photo it’s a very standard layout of the bathroom. I do feel that the toilet is a bit close to the vanity. The contractor states that it may be possible to move it over about 3 inches to the right. The plus side I could fit a larger vanity there BUT the problem is I can only go as large as a 28’ which isn’t a very common size. Without moving the toilet I can only fit a 24’ which is still a decent size. So the question is should I just stink with where things are OR move the toilet and go through the headache of finding a 28’ vanity? - so far I haven’t found anything I like and there’s not many options. REMEMBER 24’ and 30’ are VERY common but there’s no room for anything over 28’

Dilemma #2 (photos 2&3) In the kitchen the current layout has the stove and refrigerator right next to each other. So I suggested moving the fridge over passed the bump out that unfortunately you cant see pass the first photo (it’s semi visible in the 3rd photo). I would say it’s more of a BUMP IN about 10 inches give or take. The great thing is if I do put the fridge there in that corner we can can a substantial amount of cabinet space between the two appliances BUT I would eat into the breakfast nook (Pun intended lol). Should I sacrifice the space to make the kitchen bigger OR keep the layout? As a solution I figure a table with two chairs would still be able to fit and the living room is big enough where small dinning area can sit 4-6 (me being idealistic but most likely 4) along with a living room furniture. For an added bonus the last photos 4&5 are of the living room.


thank you in advice for the help guys!

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  • PRO
    Patricia Colwell Consulting

    Best is if you can post detailed to scale floor plans of each space and also some idea of budget. As for the bathroom I do not see how the toilet can be moved at all it would then be squished against the tub. Floor plans are a must for any help at all. Usually in apartments moving plumbing is not doable so IMO that toliet needs to stay where it is.

  • hcbm

    I have almost the same exact bathroom layout. It isn't worth the expense to move the toilet. Is this for a rental or is a family member going to move in? If a rental, what kind of market is it? Upscale? Student? Urban? The answers will help decide what to spend money on and what type of finishes you might consider.

  • herbflavor

    Pedestal sinks are the solution for more hip and toe room and general maneuverability issues.then get a better vanity mirror/medicine /lighted cab to hold all the stuff .And a chrome towel shelf on wall above toilet ...they have a rod for face cloths and hand towels to hang usually.

  • Jennifer Michel

    @patricia I can get measurements of everything in a few days. That would be a better visual of the layout. currently the bathroom is down to the studs

    @hcbm a family member is moving it it’s 2 family home so it’s not in an apartment building.@herbflavor being that it’s the only bathroom I would prefer a vanity then a pedestal sink for obvious reasons like storage. Thanks for the suggestion.

    thoughts on the kitchen?

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