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July 11, 2019
last modified: July 11, 2019

Last year I posted my house and received wonderful suggestions on next steps. It has taken me a little over a year to get going but I am here for more feedback. I think the landscaping significantly helped but I am debating changing the vinyl color to match the other 3 sides of the house-- to make it a gray vinyl shingle. I updated the shed as a prototype of what the house could look like. Gray with a bright blue/teal door. Should I swap out the yellow for gray?

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  • Anna (6B/7A in MD)

    I like the yellow. And I normally do not like yellow houses.

    You can still paint the door a teal color, I would just make it a much deeper teal. And paint the storm door to match.

  • PRO
    JudyG Designs

    Remove the shutters, paint the bottom deck of the porch the same yellow as the clapboard and paint the front door white.

  • mollyk89

    Thank you for your feedback- that is a great idea. Here’s a better view from the side where you can see the gray and yellow

  • Anna (6B/7A in MD)

    Is your front door black? Or was it just open in the picture?

    And can you paint that grey side yellow? Make it one cohesive color.

    Your house is quite charming.

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  • mollyk89

    Hi Anna,

    the front door door was open in that picture. It’s a light blue color.

    All three sides are a gray shingle vinyl except the yellow front. I was thinking of tying it all together by painting the front gray. I am hesitant to touch or paint the other 3 sides as the vinyl was just replaced and is a high quality shingle (the front is not)

  • decoenthusiaste

    Yes, paint the yellow to match the gray. Remove the shutters. You're not done with the landscaping yet; remove the two clumpy shrubs unless they bloom spectacularly at some point. Maybe Dig Doug will give you some ideas for plantings.

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  • A Foster

    The yellow with the roof make this house imo. I think you are gonna loose the curb appeal with gray front it’s gonna blend with the roof. But since u already put the better quality gray on u probably should all sides match :) I tend to not like this type architecture but the yellow with grey roof gives a great old cottage vibe. I wish you had quality yellow siding:)

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  • rinq

    Having done the other three sides, I'd continue the grey.

    Here's grey vinyl:

    And I'm all for less lawn, more garden, so add plants suited for your climate. :)

    Guest House Cottage Garden · More Info

    A Country Place · More Info

    Vegetable Gardens · More Info

    Romantic Guesthouse Garden · More Info

    Less Lawn More Garden · More Info

    Zero Lawn Xeriscape · More Info

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  • rinq

    What material are your window frames?

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  • mollyk89

    Thank you rinq that really helped us visualize it. We have aluminum window frames

  • Anna (6B/7A in MD)

    Metal is paintable, not as durable as a factory finish but doable.

    I agree, the yellow really makes the house and makes it feel like a lovely cottage, but I understand not wanting to paint the new vinyl.

    I would at least paint the door and storm door the same color--something more eye-catching.

    Also, landscaping as shown above would really take this to the top of the curb appeal ladder.

    Oh, and lose those shutters, they're not the right size for the windows.

    This may be a house that would be suitable for window boxes--properly sized for ease of plant care.

  • decoenthusiaste

    Maybe a yellow door would be a good choice with gray.

  • cat_ky

    I think the house should be cohesive, rather than just the front yellow. However, with your gray roof, I am not so sure gray would look great on the front of the house. I guess, you can try it, and if it doesnt work out, then repaint it. I also wouldnt remove the shutters. They add interest to your house which would be very plain without them. They are purely decorative and there isnt anything wrong with that. Some houses look better with them, and some do not. If you do decide to go gray, please match the paint to the color of what you already have.

  • Anna (6B/7A in MD)

    It will go from a cute cottage to a gray blob. Whoever chose the gray siding wasn’t thinking. You have two threads on this:

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