Kitchen Update | Thinking about Black Stainless Appliances

July 11, 2019

Hi, we're looking to replace all our kitchen appliances. Currently have 15 year old Kenmore White. Really liking the look of the Kitchen Aid Black Stainless. I've heard some people say the black stainless peels and scratches easily as it is a coating, not a finish. Would love to get some thoughts from those who have had these for a little while now. They're gorgeous but we would like to invest in appliances which hopefully will last at least another 15 years and will keep on looking good.

Thanks for your help!

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  • THOR, Son of ODIN

    You've heard right: "Black stainless peels and scratches easily as it is a coating, not a finish."

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  • vinmarks

    Black stainless may not stick around. Regular stainless will. If you go with all black stainless and one of your appliances needs to be replaced it will be hard to match up the new appliance with existing. With regular stainless it would be easy.

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  • Karen Rose

    Do a search on here. I would not do it.

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  • Destiny

    I have a GE stainless steel black range just purchased a week ago. I did so much research for over 1 year and although it wasn't silver stainless except for the knobs, I am absolutely in love. Especially because it's so easy to keep clean, doesn't show fingerprints or smudges as easy, and still works well in my kitchen. Excuse the haziness of the picture. My phone is almost in shambles as I get it replaced.

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  • Helen

    Aside from the issue of peeling of the finish, chances are that one of the appliances will need to be replaced at some point. The beauty of stainless is that it is timeless and universal. I have a stainless Sharp microwave drawer directly underneath a Bosch stainless oven and they look fine together. At one point I had a Bosch stainless dishwasher directly across from a stainless stove from another brand.

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  • vinmarks

    I have a range, dishwasher, warming drawer, microwave and fridge all in stainless and all different brands and they look good together. If one needs to be replaced there should be no problems of matching the new appliance to the others. With black stainless 10 years from now there might be an issue. Plus I don't believe in buying a suite of appliances from the same brand.

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