Dearest Mahogany, Some Fond Farewells, and Reblooms

July 11, 2019

Dearest Mahogany, one of the plants I won at the Region 20 Silent Auction, had its ffo today. I've been growing it in the shade of the carport, and the bloom isn't as round or as large as it would be on an established plant, nor is the edge as prominent. But oh, that eye is so very dark! When I looked at it, I could see some Moonlight Masquerade in it, and sure enough five generations back I found MM.

Buddy's Red Head started reblooming today.

The Dominator is reblooming too.

Born to Reign had its last bloom today, and I will miss it. Reign it did over the back bed where it's planted. (This photo is from last weekend.)

Blazing Saddles also had its last bloom today. I hate to see that one end since it's my favorite UF.

Nuclear Meltdown

Mystic Maize - I'm not a big fan of yellows, but there's something I love about this late yellow UF.

Carolina Pale Face reblooming - This is the first year for this one to rebloom.

Regal Finale with another beautiful clump.


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  • mantis__oh

    Has your Born to Reign had splotches? I remember that Nancy complained about that, and mine has been bad this year. Buddy's Redhead has performed well for you.

  • sherrygirl zone5 N il

    I like Mystic Maze too. I’m liking yellows if they have a little something different going on like the shape of this bloom. Dearest Mahogany is my favorite, I love that dark purple eye, looking forward to seeing what it does for you next season.


  • hoosier_nan (IN z5b/6a)

    All are lovely. Dearest Mahogany is one that I have been considering (although we are trying to downsize). Mystic Maze opened its first flower here yesterday. I like the shape (a little different from Bob's flat round yellows). I also like Blazing Saddles. It too has an interesting shape.


  • lilykate7a

    Dearest Mahogany is lovely!! Was glad to see Born to Reign—it is one I did not see a single bloom on this year due to my resident insects. Blazing Saddles makes a nice statement and of course, I am a yellow lover so I do like Mystic Maize. What a season you have had!!

  • shive

    Mantis - Born to Reign always has a few flowers with some splotches. That's why it didn't get a of clump photos. There were far fewer splotchies this year than last year, which was its first season. Even so, there were two or three perfect blooms every day. I'm amazed to see how quickly BTR clumped up. I started with two fans two falls ago, and it already has seven fans. Several scapes were 28 inches, rather than the registered 26. From a distance, it dominated the bed it's in. Buddy's Red Head is always a good performer. It has rebloomed all three seasons I've had it.


  • Brad KY 6b

    The "eyes" have it. Three lovely purple eyes plus Regal Finale. Great selection.


  • organic_kitten

    Born to Reign is just a beauty. Mystic Maze is a pretty one, yellow or not. I always love to see Blazing Saddles. The dominator is a pretty thing, and, od course since it is red, I drool over Buddy's Red Head.


  • Nancy 6b

    Dearest Mahogany is a beauty! I miss Born to Reign, I may have to replace that one

  • Maryl (Okla. Zone 7a)

    Everyone needs yellow in their garden to make the other colors pop. I'm happy to see you have a few ( although your garden is awfully nice with or without yellows). Both of the whites w/purple are showoffs.........Did I miss any pictures this year of your coneflowers combined with your daylilies. That was such a good combination. Too bad I have the virus that means I can't grow coneflowers........Maryl

  • shive

    Maryl - I posted several bed photos that included the coneflowers. Here's one I don't think I posted:


  • Laura twixanddud - SE MI - 5b

    Beautiful! I LOVE the first five :)

  • Maryl (Okla. Zone 7a)

    Wow Debra. That is such a great combination of shapes and forms. A gardening guru once said to me that you should take a few pictures of your garden in black and white (you can tell how old this advice is), so you can check the "bones" of the thing. That shot has great "bones"...................Maryl

  • shive

    Thanks, Maryl!


  • Julia NY

    My favorite of these is Blazing Saddles. Love that one but it is an EV so possibly would not survive here. Nice garden pic.

  • shive

    Julia - I adore Blazing Saddles. It died once in a pot, and I replaced it. From what Mantis says about his, I don't think it increases well in the north or has many buds for him. Right now it's doing very well for me. I doubt that it will rebloom for me because there are some rogue irises growing next to it, and it likely won't get enough sun unless I severely cut back the iris foliage.


  • dick_in_ohio

    Blazing Saddles bloomed nicely for me on a first year plant. I could easily become a favorite UF . The movie was so funny the first time I saw it. Not so much the second time - maybe because I had already laughed at all the jokes. You knoew it was a spoof of western movies by its title.

  • shive

    Dick - I'm glad you liked Blazing Saddles, the daylily and the movie. The movie never did much for me, but I love the daylily!


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