Master Bath Remodel - Bathtub dilema

3 days ago

Our house is on a concrete pad so there is no access from below to do plumbing. I love the look of the new sleek freestanding tubs but there is no way to hook the drain up when the tub sits on the floor. My design concept is more contemporary so I really don't like the idea of moving to a "claw footed" style. I also worry about the drain pipe being visible, but we could put the drain on the "less visible" side of the tub. Does anybody have any suggestions? Really bummed because I love the newer, sleeker versions of the tubs.

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  • GreenDesigns

    Of course there’s a way to hook up plumbing on a slab. Half the country is on a slab. All it takes is a healthy budget to cut up concrete, move drains, and repour concrete. That won’t happen on a fake TV budget project, no. It happens in real life quite often. The real life where a moderate master bathroom start at 50K all day long.

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  • Robbin Capers

    Could you do a wall mounted tub filler? There's a cost to that as well of course but probably less than cutting up your concrete.

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  • GreenDesigns

    The drain is the issue. Not the supplies. Supplies are easy. Drains are hard. They have to have concrete removed to change.

  • ndurdock

    We had budgeted to dig up concrete as we always knew the drain would have to be moved and the tub filler would need to be plumbed through the floor. This is a remodel from an 85 bathroom with a set in soaking tub that had plumbing in a tile surround. The issue is connecting the drain from tub to plumbing...there is no way to access that to do the install. The only options I am coming up with are to move to a claw footed tube (total design switch) or to build a platform for a tub like the one pictured below - - and that seems to introduce a whole host of problems. Thanks for your input

    Vanity Art Freestanding Acrylic Bathtub, White, Small · More Info

  • jslazart

    We moved the drain for a freestanding tub on our concrete slab. I don't really see how a clawfoot would be easier or harder. My plumber actually lamented how perfect you have to be for a clawfoot. I think that was mostly because of the hard supply lines. A modern tub likely wouldn't use those. Just make sure you aren't on a post-tension slab.

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  • GreenDesigns

    Get a better plumber for goodness sake. Your $1.98 plumb guy needs to get thrown back in the gene pool.

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