Show me your walk-in pantry door!! (also considering no door at all)

July 12, 2019

If you have a walk in pantry, can you show me the type of door you have? We can either do a regular door that opens into the pantry, a pocket door or no door at all. I am not a fan of the hidden doors that look like cabinets.

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  • artistsharonva

    These are photos I found of pocket doors with pantry closets.

    I wish I could have pocket doors on my pantry.

    That way when cooking I could slide them open, go in & out as I please without having to walkaround a door or keep opening & closing while I cook. Close when done. If you can get a pocket door, lucky! Then go for it!

    Get doors that fit your home's architecture & trim it out to match the rest of the home.

    Glass with a light inside on dimmer would be elegant. I would probably do frosted to not have to worry about pantry items showing through.

    If going to hings doors 2 smaller doors would be nice.

    They would not be too much in way when open compared to 1 wider door.

  • vinmarks

    My pantry door is the same as the rest of the doors in my house. It opens out not in.

  • bpath Oh Sophie

    The type of door that will work for you depends on the type of pantry you have. Is the entry wide? Is it right off your kitchen? Is the pantry itself wide or deep? Are there other doors around it?

  • Deb

    I haven't seen it completed yet (in the middle of renos) but our KD designed our walk in pantry such that the door is actually a cabinet door so it looks seamless with the rest of the cabinetry on that wall...

  • artistsharonva

    If do hinge doors, suggest opening outwards if it will hinder reaching around door to get items.

  • vicbayside

    This is what I did in my previous kitchen, reed glass which matched another glass cabinet on same wall.

  • wysmama

    Here’s our door...

  • Hillside House

    I have a standard pocket door, but I’m hoping to replace it with a vintage one with a window.

  • jmm1837

    I've got a standard pocket door. It's open most of the time - the toaster, microwave and kettle are all in there, and did I mention the wine fridge? along with cookbooks, staples, our bigger pots, and wine racks - so we like easy access if it's just us. We close it off when we entertain (the pantry has a sink and can hide a multitude of dirty dishes in a pinch).

  • PRO
    Patricia Colwell Consulting

    Deb I like that your designer matched the rest of the kitchen cabinets since IMO a pantry is just another cabinet. I dislike walkin pantries but now that it is there I think a pocket door is the answer.

  • zibbe

    I have a door that opens in and matches all other doors in the house....but the pantry is 8x10, so feels like another room.

  • Karenseb

    I have a standard door into my pantry that opens out into a hallway. I have room that it could have opened into the pantry and I could have left it open most of the time. I would only do a pocket door if the door into the pantry does not have a wall to rest against when open.

  • cat_ky

    Since I have two pocket doors (not on a pantry), and I hate them, I would go for a regular type door. Depending upon size of pantry, open in or out. Mine will be replaced eventually.

  • Molly D.

    I have sliding. Not a fan of pocket doors on a door that has to open and close multiple times a day. Plus I’m not organized enough to have on display!

  • Katie F

    Our only real option was a set of doors that opens out, but we actually have really enjoyed that. We have storage racks on the backs of the doors that stores much more than I expected-spices, bags, snacks, etc.

  • Casamacho

    artistsharonva I love the doors you posted with the glass!!

    Molly D. I'd love to do a barn door like that but we won't have the room, the opening is in between cabinetry.

  • Casamacho

    bpath Oh Sophie here is the pantry, it's about 5' wide by 8' long. I'm now thinking a regular door that opens in against the wall is best?

  • artemis_ma

    I like the plan you drew in your last post, considering the layout. Open in, there you are. Your pantry is large enough to support an inward-opening door (in the majority of food storage cases).

  • Casamacho

    artemis_ma thank you, yes it seems to make the most sense now.

  • artemis_ma

    I have an inward opening door, and I leave the pantry open all the time except when I have company. The door is against a wall (which had to be there... the other side is the stairs leading down to the basement). Having door open nearlyall the time (necessary because there's also a freezer in there) meant that the door wouldn't impose on the kitchen proper, since I have it opening inward.

  • Casamacho

    artemis_ma perfect thank you for your perspective!

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