White retouch paint not blending

July 12, 2019
last modified: July 12, 2019

At the end of this month, I’m moving from a house I’ve been renting over the last several years. I’ve been patching nail holes in the walls with spackle and painting over the spackle. I got the brand and name of the paint from my landlord so I could match the paint with the existing wall color. I even took bits of paint to the store so they could confirm the color.

I’m finding that the parts of the wall I’ve speckled and painted are whiter than the old, surrounding paint. The landlord is sure of the brand and color of the paint on the walls, so there’s little chance of a mismatch. Could it be that the walls are dirty and the new paint will match with the old if I just cleaned them?

Comments (4)

  • Jim Mat

    Yes, the walls are “dirty”, and no, the new paint will not match.

  • sloyder

    The paint has probably changed color over the years. You will need to repaint the entire wall. If just nail holes then just use a foam brush, and dab the spot with paint.

  • cat_ky

    Paint will show touchups if you didnt prime over the spackle too. Also if it was rolled on paint when it was painting and you are touching up with a brush, then use the tip of the brush on both the primer and the touch up paint, in a pouncing method, so it takes on the same texture of the original roller after you have touched up the spot and paint is still wet.

    I do agree though, since you are saying several years, that the paint is older, and its probably dirty, even though it may not look it, and it is probably time for a new paint job anyway.

  • Mike C

    Did you prime the repaired areas first?

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