Painting on plexiglass for outdoors?

July 12, 2019

Do you know anything about painting on plexiglass? There's discussion of having such a painting installed in a garden I work in. I am wondering how something like that could hold up to sun and weather.

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  • maifleur01

    Using what kind of paint? All paint degrades over time and plexiglass at least the type I have seen is easily damaged by things like hail. I have seen it done and seen the terrible condition it was in several years later. It can be sandwiched between two layers and sealed to last longer but still the plexiglass tends to develop microscopic scratches. National Parks were using something similar to plexiglass for signage but they were replacing the signs.

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  • ilikefriday

    Yes, you can paint on plexiglass, and regular glass. Paint the glass in such a way so that you are looking through the glass at the painting. This takes great artistic skill. It requires you to paint the detail first. Most artist paint the detail last.

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  • maifleur01

    Not certain that the difficulty would be someone painting on plexiglass but how it would stand up to conditions in a garden.

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  • PRO

    This will not catch on and become a fad.

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  • Kool Beans

    I imagine that it could be treated with a sealer to help it hold up just as well as anything else would.

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  • nekotish

    You could paint the plexi and then apply an overlaminate, which you could likely buy at a local sign shop.

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  • matthias_lang

    Just to clarify-- I am not the artist.

  • maddielee

    My daughter, who teaches kindergarten, uses plexiglass sheets for her kids when painting. Because the paint comes off easily and the plexi can be reused.

    There is reverse painting on glass, but the back is then sealed. You may want to research how long a painting will last outside.

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  • jemdandy

    Plexiglass is a tradename for acrylic. Data bases show that sunlight (ultraviolet) has only a small effect on acrylics, therefore it should be ok for outdoor use.

    GE's Lexan is their tradename for polycarbonate and polycarbonate does react to a some degree to sunlight. It becomes more brittle from exposure to ulravoliet light and may be susceptible to solvents.

    Glass is very durable, but can broken into sharp, dangerous, shards.

    Both acrylic and polycarbonate are relatively soft compared to grits found in outdoor environments and will, over time, become scratched from wind blown and splashed grit; its surface can be expected to dull. Glass is harder than acrylic or polycarbonate, but softer than many particles found outside. It too, may dull, but will last years longer than the plastics.

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