Ideas? Unbalanced Front Porch Fixtures

Hou 2009
July 12, 2019

The electrician installed exterior fixture plates on each side of our front door but at unequal distances. The front door is a single-type, no side-windows. There's a perpendicular wall to the right of the door, maybe a foot from the trim. To the left is a row of windows. Both fixtures were installed on center. So on the right, about 6-8 inches center between the door trim and the wall. On the the left, about 12-18 inches on center between the door trim and the next window farther down. The builder said it was done purposefully, but I haven't seen many (or any) doors with offset, asymmetrical flanking light fixtures. What to do? I think the best answer is to ask our builder to remove the plate on the right - it's close to the wall to have a fixture anyway. But it could be expensive to remove it because that hole would need to be patched. And I don't know what they would do with the electrical then that was placed there. If we install a small-ish light fixture on the right, it'll look odd on the left with so much room. And of course a nice, large fixture that looks balanced on the left between the door and window wouldn't even fit on the right. Has this happened to anyone before? Any creative ideas? TIA!

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