Anyone have Wilsonart countertop "shine" flake off?

CJ Mac
July 13, 2019

Almost exactly 3 years ago, we got new Wilsonart granite-look countertops put in, and I couldn't have been happier.

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I only just realized today that the shiny finish that makes them look a little like granite has worn off in the places where we do the most work. Those spots are quite dull now.

We NEVER work directly on the counters but always use cutting boards--thank heaven. I wouldn't want to be ingesting whatever stuff that is. It's sort of like glitter on my fingers if I rub a spot where I can see it's coming off.

Anyway, what to do? Contact Home Depot where we purchased them or Wilsonart directly? Think they'll do anything? We can't afford to redo all this, including fixing the tile backsplash if necessary. Don't want the same countertop now, even though I've loved the look.

Thanks for any advice.

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    GN Builders L.L.C

    Even if you using cutting board, etc, the mica tends to lose shine after a while due to friction or some counter-top cleaning materials can also cause that.

    You can try and bring the shine back up, fist make a mixture 1 to 1 water and vinegar and wipe down entire counter-top.

    After the counter-top is dry, try to use something like Meguiar's Car Cleaner Wax-Liquid and follow the instructions, that should bring the shine back up. Try it on the small surface first and see the results and if it works, do your entire counter-top.

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  • CJ Mac

    Thank you so much! My husband and I appreciate the help!

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    Contact WilsonArt directly for questions.

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  • CJ Mac

    Gee whiz, a rep from Wilsonart emailed to say that while laminate is very sturdy stuff, it's not meant to hold up against "extreme usage." I had already explained that we only ever use cutting boards on the stuff. Don't think I'm going to get any help from them. This isn't right. People ought to know about this problem.

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    Upgrade to a solid surface, talk to the manager at Home Depot and perhaps a credit toward a better SOLID SURFACE top. You don't want what you have, and you don't want laminate/Formica.

    The only other option is to go buy a solid black sink cutout remnant from a granite fabricator, and leave a "permanent" cutting board in place over the dulled/ flaking area. It's probably going to look like hell in another couple years, anyway : (

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  • live_wire_oak

    Someone in the house set something hot off the stove into that counter. And didn’t tell you. Thats why laminate top coating is flaking off. It’s burned very lightly. Good luck in getting a confession!

  • CJ Mac

    there's only two of us and the areas covered are very wide. We always use trivets and even if we didn't one time, it wouldn't explain the area by the toaster where we only make toast. It's in front of and not under the toaster.

    Highly unlikely. I believe GN Builders idea about friction from cutting boards.

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    The Kitchen Place

    consider a Vance Surface Saver. I suggest these when people come to my store with burned laminate countertop issues.

  • CJ Mac

    My husband and I are now very confused: the counters don't look as bad as they did to us on Saturday. So perhaps the entire thing was our imagination? The lighting? We don't know.

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    Sugar on the counter?Wear glasses when ypu clean up?

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    Have you lived 3 years with the protective peel off coating on it and it’s just now disintegrating?

  • skunst2017

    I have the same top dulls a little ..., if you can , don't worry and be happy .....anyhow . If you can ...that is . Like you I was upset at first ...then complained to manufacturer...( didn't help ) then cleaned and polished and worried ...because it didn't really change anything ..but now I am just happy it's overall good looking ...and obviously a little duller than it was big deal anymore ...for me !

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  • CJ Mac

    Thanks skunst, at least your post tells me it's not my imagination. I suppose I can try the car wax mentioned above and then use cutting boards with suction on the bottom so they don't rub so much.

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