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Blinds: Which of 2 Configs makes Most Sense?

July 15, 2019

I am buying blinds for wide windows with a weird layout due to the bulkhead.

Here is pic, then 2 options following...

2 options:

1. widest main blind going form wall to edge of bulkhead. And narrow blind under bulk head.

- Pro: cleanest look, covers tiny upper window beside bulkhead.

- Con: because there is no window frame where the 2 blinds are beside each other, there would be about a 1 1/8" gap? between the 2. But with no frame in that spot, it would visually be a open gap.

2. Blind under bulkhead extends out wider than bulkhead to the nearest frame on left. And main blind is not as wide.

- Pro: no visual vertical gap to out side world.

- Con: Leaves the tiny upper window to the left of the bulkhead, uncovered. (Although I could just use frosted window film there, or leave it uncovered.)

Any thoughts on this?



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