Arrange our backyard for optimal use and entertaining? (Los Angeles)

July 15, 2019
last modified: July 15, 2019

I've got a good sized backyard for Los Angeles. On the main patio area, we have a dining table, and a small lounge area.

Behind our garage, there is an extra area with pebbles/rocks/decomposed granite.

How might you re-arrange this backyard space for optimal entertaining and usage?

Some ideas we had were to put in a hot tub, or put in a firepit with more seating in that rock area, or move the dining over to the rock section. Looking for ideas. Thank you!

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  • PRO
    Sativa McGee Designs

    It is really hard to provide any feedback on layout without a floorplan.

  • Deb Zilch

    where I live, I consider sun and heat and shade.

  • calidesign

    The gravel area looks like a perfect place for a hot tub, or a fire pit with a grouping of chairs around it. I wouldn't move the table there, as it will likely be used more near your kitchen on the hard surface.

  • felizlady

    It looks pretty good now. Do you cook outside or just inside? The decomposed granite might be good for a bbq, a prep table and a few chairs for the cook and his/her assistants while the bbq is going. The bougainvillea is gorgeous! Look for some weather-resistant outdoor art or other colorful items to hang on empty wall areas.
    A colorful shade sail can give some shade if needed. And a few potted plants (easy ones like geraniums) can add color here and there.

  • Mark Brunner

    Without a “floor plan” or specifics, it’s pretty difficult to give advice.

  • Addie

    Okay, if this was my backyard, I lived somewhere with awesome weather, and my budget was totally unlimited, I'd do this..

    1. Pebble/rock area becomes outdoor living room for before/after dinner drinks and conversation.. lounge-y furniture, big fire pit, accessorized with potted plants and tons of lanterns to give it that late-night secret garden feel.

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    2. Dining table gets expanded into full dining area with outdoor kitchen/grill station. Enough space and storage so you can make it a whole evening of hanging out, cooking, and relaxing, not running back and forth to the kitchen.

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    3. Way far end of the backyard gets a beautiful pergola with some nice privacy landscaping, string lights, lanterns, and secluded hot tub (pergola/plants as in picture, but with an actual hot tub).

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  • PRO
    Soothing Company

    A beautiful area with lots of potential for an amazing gathering place. A fire pit or fountain would make a wonderful addition and create great appeal.

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