Assistant with elevating a problem

July 17, 2019
last modified: July 17, 2019

To start with, I have discovered choosing good appliances is apparently not my superpower. Here is my latest sign.

In Jan 2017 I started having trouble with my 6 month old new GE range. After the 3rd service visit for the same problem which then had resulted in a cracked glass cooktop, GE replaced the range in May 2018. So range #1 lasted about two years give or take.

New range now has no functionality of burners or either oven as confirmed last Thursday. New parts? May be available in October. “Give us until July 26 to see if we can locate them before October. If not we’ll replace the range.” After which of course I’ll probably have to wait another week for delivery of the part or range and scheduling install.

While everyone has been polite, I’d like to express my disappointment in this product and in the service capability as high up in GE as appropriate.

Does anyone have any contact info to help me jump the customer service reps?

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