New quartz countertop - Imperfections?

July 17, 2019

Caesarstone Bianco Drift installed a few days ago. I love it. But when the light hits it certain ways and I'm looking a across it, I see several areas that look like big smudges, almost less shiny. Some look like scraped areas, but feel perfectly smooth. Tonight the light from other room caused me to notice and I marked a bunch of them. Pictured is one example. Follow my finger and you can see it. The bright spot is reflection of light from adjacent room. I'm going to point these out to contractor and his fabricator and am wondering what they might say.

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  • Ellen

    one little blotch I noticed is a circle about an inch diameter. upon closer inspection it is a little outlined circle, but in the side light, it looks like a different finish. again, it does FEEL the same, so not anything on top of polished finish, I don't think.I tried to find outlined on the other areas and didn't see any. some of the blotches have straight edges, like you would see if something had been taped off. weird.

  • Ellen

    I don't know how quartz countertops are actually made, but am wondering if these areas are prints or marks UNDER the polish. but I would think polish would take anything away. OR is it possible that there were imperfections that the fabricator worked on and did a bad job? I'm thinking they wouldn't have bothered with that though, there are so many, probably about a dozen, that I see anyway.

  • PRO

    Stop looking for flaws. Even man made products are not perfect. You’ll get more normal use marks the more you use it as well.

  • Ellen

    I was not looking for them. When I walked in after work, the day they installed, and the light was streaming in from kitchen window and washing across large island, they were apparent. I assumed it was just smudges from installers. a couple days later I cleaned up. they are still there. there are several areas in two pieces that were cut from same slab. it's VERY apparent. if there are some in other side of kitchen, I don't care, as light doesn't wash over that area. But a dozen or so blotches varying in size from 1 x 2 to 4 x 4 is not something I had to "look for". They are quite evident.

  • Ellen

    Green Designs, the comment above was response to your comments. additionally, I understand man-made products can have flaws. but there is also quality control in manufacturing. I guess I'm wondering if someone has seen these kinds of areas in brand new quartz and any thoughts on whether it's a manufacturing thing or a fabricator thing. my GC will be looking at it with is in a few days, I assume with his fabricator along. the GC is great, and wants is to be pleased. Its just that this is very apparent and looks like counter needs wiped in that big area.

  • CindyR

    It would drive me nuts to have a man-made countertop with smudges like that. I hope you can get it fixed!

  • Ellen

    CindyR thank you. I needed to feel like I'm not the only one. I suspect there will be visit with fabricator and if they say that is just the manufacturing, then I suspect we will insist on getting a caesarstone rep. Something about it just doesn't seem right.

  • CindyR

    I have quartzite in my bathroom that is as smooth as can be. My mom has a large kitchen with quartz and it is flawless. I really think something is amiss with your quartz, so don’t feel like you are too picky!

  • pippabean_5b

    Our solid medium grey quartz has no blotches anywhere. At all. The surface finish is uniformly the same.

    Before calling your fabricator, check if the surface feels slightly rougher than the rest of the counter. If so, I'd try to clean the spots off with acetone. The blobs might have come from epoxy used for the install. Acetone is what my installers used to clean the surface after installation. It might take a while for the now hardened epoxy to come off, so be patient and repeat. Don't use scrubbies, they can dull quartz surfaces. If not successful, I'd call in the GC, or stone supplier to see what they say.

    The shine on a quartz countertop is not supposed to vary, period, only the pattern does.

    I would not accept that. Even if you signed off on a particular slab in the stone yard, you signed off on the pattern, not the surface finish, which would not have been visible on vertically stacked slabs anyway.

    Best of luck!

  • Ellen

    pibbabean, thanks. I'm going to leave any cleaning to the fabricator. I don't want to do anything to brand new quartz, lest they say I did something to damage it. and we did not select slabs, the GC is handling everything so he has his company he uses. it all feels really smooth.

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