Bathroom remodel ideas needed

Seaside Mum
July 18, 2019

I need bathroom remodeling help! I feel like this huge vanity (8 feet) is a waste of space) and I want a tiled shower stall instead of a bathtub/shower.

Option 1 - Switch walls. Put a 48" vanity where the bathtub is and put a 48" tiled shower stall where the vanity is. What do I use the other 48" for on the wall next to the shower stall? A small free standing soaker tub?

Option 2 - Keep the same layout. Take out the tub and put in a tiled shower stall in the existing spot. Put in a new, smaller vanity in the existing spot. What do I do with the extra 2 to 4 feet next to to the vanity? (That huge mirror can go.)

I'm guessing it will be less complicated/costly to do Option 2 as a remodel but I don't know what to do with the space if I make the vanity smaller. Any ideas?

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  • PRO
    Barnes Custom Builders

    You are correct that moving the plumbing will be a much bigger job. I can't tell if there is a closet in the room, you could do a linen cabinet as part of the vanity. Another option would be to have a make up area, with a little stool and lower counter section next to the vanity.

  • Paula A

    You can get a smaller vanity & just have empty space on either side of the sink if you don’t need additional storage; have one side open and add some type of shelving; or have shelving/drawers between the sinks.

  • lmmcnitt

    I’ve done this same project and shortened the length of the vanity to allow about 48” to one side (or middle) for a lower counter and stool. Also added magnifying mirror. It adds some character to the room plus is very functional. There are many pictures on Houzz for inspiration of this concept. A storage closet is another great option.

  • PRO
    Patricia Colwell Consulting

    I dislike make up counters at a lower height than the vanity it makes no sense and chops up useful counter space . IMO most bathrooms have a lack of storage so not sure why the large vanity is an issue I would however change the vanity to mostly larger drawer storage for much better useful storage. Remove the tub and install a nice tiled shower and forget moving plumbing any more than you have to. Ikea has the Godmorgon vanity for some real good storage you can get the vanity without the counter and then install your own. Is this the only bathtub in the house ? IMO there needs to be one somewhere. You do not have space for a freestanding tub they work best in huge bathrooms with lots of space around them

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  • chiflipper

    Nicely laid out bathroom. Replace tub with shower...increasing the depth as much as possible because "elbow room" is valued. If you require linen storage in the bath, reduce vanity size to 6 feet. Check local cabinet makers for a custom vanity (surprisingly affordable). Keeping the "sink cavity" as small as possible allows for larger drawers.

  • Seaside Mum

    @Patrica Colwell Consulting. Thanks for the feedback. I think you are right that the space is too small to try to fit a free standing tub. There's a bath tub in another bathroom in the house so it will be OK if we take this one out. I appreciate the information that I should keep the plumbing in same place to keep the costs down. That will help me decide what to replace the vanity with while keeping it in that spot. There's a closet if I took a picture in the other direction but maybe more storage would work since the closet is on the smaller side. Or I like the idea of just having empty space on either side. I never considered centering a smaller vanity on the wall!

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