mini-meetup with Roarah

July 18, 2019

Roarah and I met for an impromptu lunch the other day in CT. She is everything you see from her posts here and more; kind, caring and a great listener. We lingered over lunch and talked about everything from kids, to jobs, to growing out grey. To keep it home decorating related, we also talked about the colors I chose for my basement (to be totally honest, I was still wearing some paint, lol). Let me reassure all of you that collectively worried about Roarah last fall after her out-of-the-blue stroke--she is doing amazingly well. She is quick witted and sharp as a tack. I would never have guessed that she faced such a huge medical hurdle within this past year. No one would.

We've decided that we should do this each year, so heads-up for anyone in the New Haven, CT area. You're all invited.


Comments (26)

  • theclose

    This is so nice to hear! Always have enjoyed Rorah and her advice. So glad she’s doing well.

  • roarah

    Oh thank you so much. I had a wonderful time. Jojo is beautiful, articulate, caring, funny and the get it done kinda girl I always admire. We even found out we have a good family friend in common! Gw is really an wonderfully small world wonder! Thank you Jojo for suggesting a get together it is so wonderful to put a face to a gw friend. Xo


  • 3katz4me

    So glad to hear you are doing well Roarah!

  • IdaClaire

    How lovely! So glad you both had an opportunity to meet and to make friends face-to-face!

  • DLM2000-GW

    This makes me smile to think about 2 very special GW peeps meeting for lunch. Wonderful to hear you are doing well roarah.

  • cran

    Roarah great news that you feel and look so well. So special that you Jojoco met up and have the beautiful friendship you've created. :-))

  • rubyclaire

    What a treat - thanks for sharing with us!

  • justerrilynn

    Hi Roarah, what wonderful news to hear that you are doing so marvelous.

  • Arapaho-Rd

    How special … so happy for the two of you!

  • eld6161

    Thanks for the update on Roarah So glad things are going well.

    This truly is a special place.

  • martinca_gw sunset zone 24

    Yay!!! Great to hear all is going so well for Roarah. Love the meetups!

  • Springroz

    So happy to hear this!

  • dedtired

    Nice. meetups are so fun. Glad you got to get to know each other IRL.

  • OutsidePlaying

    What a happy post! Roarah, I was thinking of you a few days ago, so am very happy to read this news you are doing so well. Love to read about these meet-ups.

  • Annie Deighnaugh

    Wonderful! Do include me next year...I'd so enjoy it!

  • roarah

    Annie, I have ten days free in August while my family is in England and only work part time during the school year. I could do coffee or lunch anytime if you are ever free. Xo

  • Annie Deighnaugh

    Sounds like fun! How can I contact you?

  • roarah

    I am not certain how to open my messaging function on this site let me give it a go. If I fail I will post my cell number.

  • Annie Deighnaugh

    Oh don't post your cell number...not a good idea. We can share info through an intermediary I'm sure. Let me check...

  • roarah

    I have messages from a few years ago under my profile so i think my pm is activated but I can not remember how to send a message to you. :(

  • roarah

    Ok I went to advanced settings and I think my pm was set to "limited to followers " I have opened to " anybody " you may be able to go to my profile and send me a message, there should be a message button under the fb and Twitter logos. I do not see a message option on your page though. I use to be so much better at this stuff pre stroke but it is coming back to me slowly :)

  • westsider40

    how lovely that you are doing so well Laura. Best wishes.

  • robo (z6a)

    Great post! Thanks so much for the updates :)

  • ninasmom

    Wonderful to hear! I am close to New Haven and open to meet-ups!

  • nutsaboutplants

    What a happy post! Glad to know Roarah is doing well.

  • mtnrdredux_gw

    I'd love to meet Roarah and always love to see Annie and Jojo! Looks like I will prob be in Maine in all likelihood, but I MUST be at the next one!

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