Montreal Mulberry Review

Fuad Efendi
July 19, 2019

It arrived on May 15, 2018, two twigs, about 3' each, grafted:

And now, 2nd Summer, 3cm+ trunk, 3cm+ fruit! We collect daily about 7-10 fruits, for already a month; next Spring I'll have to prune it slightly (very bottom branches, and top):

Fruit is super delicious, cannot be compared with Morus Alba (Weeping) or any hybrid found in Ontario parks. It is seedless (which adds value), a little bit tart (great tasting!). Drooling habit, branches grow almost 90 degree to main trunk.

I planted it with graft union almost at the surface area; planted in a pure sand; I was watering it almost twice a week (last year), and only once (this year); deep watering only. This spot is 100% full-sun; I planted another twig in a 30% evening sun area (4-6 hours of sun), and it grows 3x slower.

Thank you Ken Taylor & GreenBarnNursery.ca!


I believe it is Illinois Everbearing, but it does not really matter; what is important is that it is very nice plant, very healthy, survived very harsh Winter (Ontario, -35C windchills); and tastes exceptional!

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