squash leaves wilt in the heat, a lot

daninthedirt (USDA 8a, HZ10, Cent TX, Sunset z30)
July 25, 2019
last modified: July 25, 2019

My squash leaves are wilting in the heat (95+). Full sun. I water every three days, but they're wilting on the second day. Now, I KNOW that squash leaves are supposed to be allowed to wilt. As long as they recover when if cools off, every thing is fine. So it is said. Mine seem to do that. I also KNOW that in trying to prevent this wilting, you can easily overwater, and drive root rot. So watering more isn't necessarily an option.

But at the end of the second day without water, my leaves are drooped almost vertical. Looks ugly. The question is, how do you know when squash need water? Maybe it's just as simple as when they don't perk back up in the evening? How much damage is done if you wait until then? Curious to know, because it's gonna get hotter.

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