Japanese Maple Sango Kaku (Coral Bark) - Toronto, Canada

Fuad Efendi
last year
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I bought this beauty on sale yesterday 2019.7.25, for amazing price $49.88

It is at least 7' tall, and perhaps 6' wide, with many very long branches coming out from about 1'-2' from the ground

What amazed me and why I choose this one over 20-30 of others is that thick trunk at the bottom has nice crimson colouration on a side (which I suppose is South side tree got used too and which will help me plant it in correct orientation)

So, trunk about 1.5" has colouration; the tree is obviously at least 7 years old (nursery men said they grow 1' per year in their nursery); so that 7-years-old branches will have this colouration. And in the middle of summer it is not just "green" as many websites describe: look at picture! THis one was standing out from other 25 similar trees by this colouration so I suspect nursery made some mistake... or unusual great rootstock... or kind of sport from parent tree with new characteristics...

The same store had younger smaller 5' trees, and all were green, and branches were green too, selling under same name "Sango Kaku". Those were looking as "tree", with single leader. Mine has at least 3-5 very strong leaders.

So, the question is, should I train it? I was hoping to have branching structure at least 3'-4' from the ground, but it starts at 1'.

Branching looks very nice, attractive; so that I plan to keep everything 'as is' for at least 2-3 years, then will see. Very long young branches; won't survive 100km/h strong wind gusts which often happen in this area, but you never know: tree will adapt and weak nursery branches will be replaced by strong ones in an open air, you never know.

I created this post to share my findings, any comments Welcome! Please share your experience and upload pictures. I will upload new pictures and findings here, and I'll keep it as a journal, logging here growth rate etc.

I am in York South, Toronto, Canada, and many people here uncertain if they can grow this tree here, officially we are in zone 6b (government site), and unofficially: strong winds, wind chills to -40C, and sometimes (few days or few hours) we may have regular -40C

Nursery said I need to protect for 1st Winter only, but putting 3'-4' fence around tree and putting mulch inside, only 1st year because it doesn't have long roots yet.

Thank you!

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