Vintage Thrifted Jungalow Style Needs Upgrading One Room at a Time

July 31, 2019
last modified: July 31, 2019

Hello Houzz, I've been lurking on Houzz for many years now and I'm so impressed by the generosity of the help people receive on this site.

I'm an American expat living in an old (1902) rented apartment in Central Europe which I've furnished with an eclectic mix of thrifted and street find items and plants, lots of plants in every room. I would like to request your assistance for recommendations to upgrade my apartment one room at a time and make it beautiful and cohesive with designers and lay peoples' input since I've taken this flat as far as I can go.

Would like to start with my living room. Hopefully, I can use some of the multitude of things I've already amassed in my flat. For instance, I have a piano and book cases in an awkward middle room that I don't know would look better in the living room and large brown cabinet in living room moved to middle room? I don't ascribe to any particular style (probably why I don't have an idea book), although my living room seems to lean more more transition/traditional since these are old thrifted items.

1. Is this the best layout for this room, or would another layout be more functional and visually more appealing?

2. No, window treatments because I have window covers on every window for privacy. I would also like the windows to stay clear for the light for the plants. Will take down old curtain rods left from previous tenant.

3. Art, as you can see there's no art hung on the wall. I would like to show you some of my art I've collected to see if I'll fit with this room. I don't want to overwhelm the room with art, but I think the room needs something on the wall.

4. I know I can use new planters as many of them don't enhance the quality of the room, recommendations are welcomed.

5. The old dinosaur stereo by the patio door will be removed as it's not being used, other than to sit plants..

6. Wanted to know your thoughts on the huge cabinet on the long wall, should I take off the top and just leave the bottom as a credenza? I'm really challenged as to what to do with the longest wall in the living room where the big cabinet sits. Thought about a gallery wall, but not sure what to do about the wall?

7. Thoughts of hanging a pendant light in the window nook and what's best to do with the window nook? Should I leave the table? Sure I move the huge Monstera there?

8. Pillows for couch and throw for the couch that compliments the thrifted rug (and art to be placed) are needed?

9. Is this the best place for plant shelf and what about better styling for the shelves?

10. How to enhance the overall "browness" of the room with texture or other recommendations to make my room more appealing.

11. I would like to add a mirror to this room and have three that I would like your recommendation on? One mirror is gilded wood from 1890 that I really like a lot.

12. The wall color is a greyish white

13. How to style the coffee table

14. Lastly, I'm really open to your assistance and flexible in your recommendations.

Thank you in advance for your assistance. I really appreciate it.

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  • HU-892909521

    CindyR, regarding the rug in middle room might be a better choice for placing in living room, here's a close up of the rug in middle room. The middle room rug is older, slightly more worn than the current rug in living room. both rugs are the same size.

    Here's a close up of the pattern and colors of the middle room rug so you can get a better idea of the colors.

  • HU-892909521

    Status Update:

    I'm heading for a short vacation and wont be posting for three days since I'm only taking my cellphone and I prefer not to text as I find it challenging.

    However, I will be checking on this thread to read any comments and think about your input.

    When I return, I'm going to have to fully commit to the final layout of the room because I have to hire someone to come over and rearrange the furniture. When the movers get here I can't waffle on furniture placement so I have to be sure where every piece of furniture is going to be placed.

    On Thursday, the glass doors for the armoire will be brought back. I'm excited to see how they manage putting the glass in. The antique mirror is going to be hung on Thursday too and that's why knowing the final arrangement is necessary too.

    Furniture Rearrangement so far based on your recommendations:

    1. Move the bookcase to the wall near balcony door, the armoire with soon to be glass doors move it on wall where the bookcase is currently.
    2. The bronze cocktail table in middle room moved maybe in living room?
    3. A large gallery wall on the wall were the armoire is now. It's the longest wall in the room.
    4. The antique gilded mirror on the wall to the left of couch which I'm still not sure about because of the space constraints. Maybe I have to move the couch to the right a bit and all those plants to make more space to hang the mirror in the right position. I also thought perhaps the mirror could go on the wall where the bookcase currently is located to give some depth to this room. Why is placing the mirror on that wall the best option for this room I'm wondering too?
    5. Probably going to move a few plants out of the living room once I decide where I can put them. Put a few plants in armoire for now, but when the glass doors return I'll move the plants.

    My deepest gratitude and sincerest thanks to everyone who's taken the time to read this thread and offer your input.

    Please don't hesitate to offer any other suggestions you may have about enhancing this room arrangement or any other aspects of this enhancement room now that better pics are uploaded.

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  • lynartist

    Hmmm, can you just not leave the doors of that cabinet altogether! Remove the hardware and store it. It looks quite nice like that.

  • katinparadise

    Enjoy your vacation! After looking at your photos, I wonder if it might not be best to leave the armoire with the glass doors where it is and put your gallery wall where the book case is currently. That would allow a view of the gallery wall from both sofas.

  • hollybar

    Yay for the vacation! Added bonus---sometimes returning with fresh eyes makes a project like this easier to "see". My only thought right now is that I prefer the rug in the first pictures for this space....and sometimes I like my art obscured a bit by plants or other art....and

    Some of our favorite projects · More Info

    how do you feel about fringe on pillows?

  • Ellen Tracy

    You have two great looking rooms, I don’t see a need to move anything really. Even the coffee table I talked about looks great when I see the entire room. Get your art and mirror hung up and enjoy it.

  • Ellen Tracy

    Here’s an interesting way to display art

  • Ellen Tracy

    And maybe just maybe, the tree moved to this corner might open up part of the room. You could place some of your floor plants around it then to make a nice plant grouping.

  • CindyR

    Don’t laugh but I tried to do a couple of groupings of your art and make an explanation as to what may go well in which places. I’m on my phone and the only app I have to do this is a collage app. I could get my laptop out and do this on photoshop but I think you can get the idea.

    I’m not a pro!!!

    Some comments first:

    See my example (not to scale obviously - just to get an idea)
    Keep on same wall
    If possible, move armoire towards the right
    Move some of the current plants to the other side of armoire to divide them.
    Wise woman art on the right side watching over your room, and botanicals print(s) on the left.

    Two Large floral paintings:
    Dining room

    Gold mirror:
    On the wall on right wall side of doorway as you go to the balcony, reflects light and art on opposite wall, still have room for plants underneath mirror.

    Move to wall on left side behind the couch, on the right side of table and chair area.

    Right side wall behind couch:
    Biggest display of plants in this corner, some on stands and higher up (the tree?), mirror on the wall (?) and keep floor lamp where it is if you use it here.

    Wall where bookcase WAS:
    See my example - obviously not to scale!
    Main gallery wall.

    Keep as they are

    This depends on if you want your room softer in color or more dramatic. I think leave the rugs as you have them now and later on you can move them if you desire. (I think this rug is better).

    Yellow vibrant art:
    Tucked into your breakfast room or eating nook (table and chairs)- is there a wall(s) in there? This would give nice brightness for morning sunshine streaming in while you have coffee!

    Ocean painting:
    Middle room.

    Coffee table:
    Wait on this till you have your art and furniture finalized. I prefer the square one, but that’s before seeing it in place in the room, so the oval one may still be better in the end.

    I love your room the way you have it, truly. I hope this gives you some ideas. Or helps you decide against something - whatever works!


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  • CindyR

    Different arrangement of gallery wall with the to girls in the center surrounded by the others. Option on this wall is to also add your sconces (do you have sconces or is that someone else?)

    HU-892909521 thanked CindyR
  • HU-892909521

    I made it back home, I cut my trip short two nights because I needed to come back to the comfort and familiarity of my home. Today, I don't want to post anything about arranging the room.

    Instead, I would like to share an unsettling experience I had during my travel that deeply affected me, left tears in my eyes, bewildered, and a heavy heart, an incident so horrific I can't stop thinking about it.

    At the train station that was the main hub of my trip, I came across this shrine in front of the track of the train I was catching. There were lots of people and security standing around this area. When I inquired about this shrine, I was informed last week a horrible human being void of a conscience, intentionally pushed a random 40 year old woman and her 8 year old son in front of an approaching train. The mother survived by rolling under a segment of the track and the child died at the scene.

    I'm challenged, like so many others, many who actually witnessed this incident first hand, to try to reconcile this senseless act of gross inhumanity.

    At the end of day, it's not about the superficiality of arranging the "stuff" I've accumulated in my home, but about reminding myself to try to dig deeper to be more loving and giving trying to do good deeds and acts of kindness that's the only way I can find hope and solace in this mad world.

    CindyR and Ellen Tracy, thanks for your last posts. Perhaps I'll be back tomorrow on this thread.

  • CindyR

    What a horrific incident. I cannot even fathom it. I’m glad you are home safe. My home truly is my safe place for me and I understand you wanting to be home. Be well.

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  • Evelyn Gorfram

    How horrible. I will be thinking of you, and of that woman and her poor child,

    HU-892909521 thanked Evelyn Gorfram
  • HU-892909521

    CindyR and Evelyn, thanks for your heartfelt comments.

    Would like to resume working on my living room. I hope I can get additional input from everyone, you have very interesting ideas.

    1. The glass doors to the armoire weren't returned today, I didn't call the craftmen, thought I'd give him more time to do the work. I did find the thread about how to place the objects in the glass front cabinet helpful for when I start arranging objects in my armoire.
    2. I have stood in my living room so many times scoping the room to try to figure out a few things out about this space. One of the things I did notice is there's a lack of symmetry, don't know if that's good or bad for the overall look of the room?
    3. Regarding the art, although I have quite a few pieces of art, I'm wondering if only a couple of pieces on the wall may be better, instead of overloading the room with art with a gallery wall which may distract from the ceiling and crown molding which is the best aspect in my opinion of the room. Could be too since I haven't had any art hanging in this room in four years I've gotten used to looking at bare walls. Lol, on my little trip I was looking at a site on Instagram called "curated maximalist" and thought I'm heading in that direction, But I want a balance, but not full stop curated maximalist. https://www.instagram.com/curatedmaximalism/
    4. You asked if I have sconces, I will dig the sconces out and take pics. The sconce outlets are in a weird place in this room, on the wall where the armoire is located and the outlet is really close to the door molding. The sconces are ornate antique brass.
    5. Also have an small antique bass pendant I'm wondering if I should hang over the table in the nook and if so, should it be hung at the height of the chandelier or lower since it's a small lamp?
    6. Working on better arranging the plants, that's quite the chore.
    7. What about couch pillows that will enhance the room? Or should I just leave the beige couch with the two old pillows that are on there? I saw the one's Evelyn put in the look book and they are so beautiful.
    8. The antique mirror placement I'm still not sure about either, if I move the bookcase to the wall beside the balcony door that creates two large structures together, don't know if I'm explaining correctly what I mean by this. But basically, the two structures will compete I think. I'm really thinking to balance the bookcase the mirror should go across from the bookcase beside the balcony door, but not sure.
    9. I hope I didn't leave anything out and sorry there's so much text.

    Lastly, I've taken a look at everyone's idea books that's posted on this thread and all I can say is wow I'm truly inspired from all the beautiful room pics in your idea books. Your idea books are fantastic.

    Thanks again for all your help!

  • CindyR

    I know you have had a draining couple of days...

    Your apartment is very beautiful and nothing has to be changed. Only you can decide what works for YOU.

    About the pendant - I’m not sure what that is? Do you mean a hanging light?

    Art: I thought you wanted to display all of it, but certainly you can display none, or some - do what makes you feel good.

    Let me share:
    I always start with minimal changes, and it takes me a long time to finish an area if I want to do something but I don’t know exactly what I want. Example: I know how I want a room to “feel” but it takes me a long time to figure out exactly what to do because I don’t have a particular style. It’s a balance for me between looking like a planned “design” and “I have all this stuff with different styles and I just put it together.” My family room vaulted wall has been blank since I painted it because that is going to be my family wall photos and I haven’t come up with a design that is not too busy. I also now like having a blank wall, but I want to see my family photos...so I have done nothing. And I’m ok with that for now. You should feel good about loving your walls the way they are until you decide to change.

    It’s also summertime, light and bright feels cooling, but maybe this winter you will want to cozy your apartment up with some art on the walls? Or maybe not.

    Once you have your glass doors, you will have fun decorating it, so you can just focus on that project for now, and enjoy looking at your pretty things!

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  • Ellen Tracy

    Have you made progress?

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  • allison0704

    Oh, how tragic. We will never understand what pushes someone to do something so horrific.

    About your art and vacant space - we moved last year after a large remodel. Our other house was not put on the market until we moved, so I left my art hanging (mainly because I did not want to paint the dang house before selling). Several agents said in their comments they loved the art, then we got two offers and one wanted "all artwork and paintings." Only to find out they wanted me to leave what I did not want so they did not have to deal with nail holes. LOL I spent 20 years collecting, so I wasn't about to leave any of them behind. Just goes to show some people aren't connected to their art, only buy to fill a space.

    At first living in our new home for a year without my European etchings, my grandmothers' framed handkerchiefs, my mother's paintings, etc did not bother me, but the longer it went on, the more I wanted to bring my art home! Now that it is here and I've spent several days deciding what goes where and hanging, it really does make this house more "me," more "our home." It's like having good friends around! This is my round about way of saying only you know how much and what you need in your home. I still have smaller walls without something, and every house needs a blank space for the eyes to rest. But I also have gallery walls in several areas. Lean pieces against the walls where you think you want to hang, and live with them a few days. Then decide whether or not to hang them.

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  • Aphaea

    Allison, you expressed it so well. I will be moving to a temporary place for a few months next week since I am not sure when my permanent home will be ready. It's been a godawful pain in the rear and I am ready to be done with it.

    Almost all my furnishings are going into climate-controlled storage. I have so much artwork that has been years in the collecting and that I love passionately. It's not expensive; probably the most that any piece cost was a few hundred dollars but like you, it is me. It is home to me. Same with much of the furniture. I am very focused on getting into my real home and setting it up, but right now I am debating whether or not to store everything. I was trying to decide if I should keep (and pay for) storing the art--and the answer is yes. Absolutely, positively yes.

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  • HU-892909521

    Hello everyone,

    Sorry about the brief break and thanks for your continued input on this thread. You've asked if I've made any progress on the room? Not really, still haven't gotten the glass doors to the armoire back so I'm going to call on Monday to find out when they will be returned.

    Regarding hanging the antique mirror, a friend was over yesterday and I showed her the mirror. She said she'd be afraid to hang such an old mirror because every time she looked into it she would be afraid there would be someone standing behind her in the mirror as in a ghost. I was a little spooked, but I'm still hanging the mirror. The craft man who is putting in the glass doors will hang the mirror. Since my friend spooked me yesterday, I'm now wondering about the pics of the lady from 1800 and three other antique pictures from the late 1800 and early 1900 hanging in my flat. I look at these pics a little different now. I'll post some pics of these vintage old photos on this thread perhaps next week. I was going to put a collection of old photographs in antique gold frames in my guest bathroom, but considering against it now.

    Still contemplating where all the art I showed you should go.

    Here's a pic of the antique brass lamp I would like to hang in the window nook.

    Would like to know how low/high should I hang this lamp over the table so it's not competing with the chandelier in the room? Also here's pics of the brass sconces. The electrical outlets to hang sconces are on the wall where the armoire is located. Please pardon the dust on these items.

    Regarding my inspiration for having so many plants in every room of my flat, I follow Instagram Urban Jungle Bloggers and Instagram MariaNova and Instagram Mr. Cigar and Instagram Jamie's Jungle and many other citizen botanists on instagram from all other world. I especially like the instagram pages that combine thrifted vintage items with house plants.

    Lastly, there's has been quite some changes in this room, I've posted a pic below of the room just two years ago and what it looks like today.

  • PRO
    Design Interior South

    Hey there I came on over to visit at your request. I have only gotten about 1/3 of the way through the comments. Your space is lovely. There is only one piece that stands out in a glaring way to me. That is your oval glass top coffee table. Try as I might , it just doesn't work IMO. I will revisit tomorrow and keep reading through.

    HU-892909521 thanked Design Interior South
  • PRO
    Flo Mangan

    I just ran across this thread. I read thru about 80%. Heavens! It is so fabulous and your delft touch is just elegant and unique. We lived in Brussels Belgium for 3 years and had a lovely apartment there but nothing like yours. It is truly special. I kind of laughed ready how you got the place. We had a similar experience! We lost 2 places using American understanding of leasing process. So wrong! The third trip I brought my carryon suitcase and when we saw it I looked at my hubby and we exchanged non verbal “let’s take it” looks. I set my suit case down, got out our checkbook and wrote check for two months rent and we never left. It was accepted. I truly love your place and I feel I wouldn’t add color because why spoil this ethereal look you have established! So lovely. That chandelier and medallion are so special. Be careful you don’t loose your look. It is really wonderful.

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  • PRO
    Flo Mangan

    Oh and yes. Love the flea markets in the towns around Brussels. And the floral event where they make that enormous setup in the Grand Place with flowers in special designs. So beautiful. Have you seen that?

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  • CindyR

    Taking a break from the internet to enjoy my family camping at Yellowstone Park. I’m not sure if I will be back posting on this site, but I wish you well.

    HU-892909521 thanked CindyR
  • HU-892909521

    Design Interior South and Flo Mangan thanks for stopping by this thread, I hope you'll continue to give your input on how I can improve each room. Thanks for your kind positive feedback on what I've done so far in putting together my living room.

    CindyR enjoy your vacation at Yellowstone Park. That's a dream of mine to one day visit Yellowstone. CindyR I really appreciate all your input. Thanks again.

    The good news is I got a call today from the craftman who is replacing the armoire doors with glass, He was so apologetic for having my doors for so long, He said his father (who owns the firm) died 10 days ago and that why it's taking so long to get the doors back. He said tomorrow he's bringing the doors back and hanging the antique mirror. He said the glass doors look really good.

    I think the antique mirror will go on the wall beside the balcony door and the large thrifted picture with the flowers will hang on the left of the sofa. The picture has most of the colors in the room.

    Design Interior South, you mentioned the coffee table doesn't work in the space, I'm going to ask the craftmen if he can help me drag the coffee table in the middle room to the living room to see if it looks better. What is it about the coffee table that's glaringly misplaced in the room? The size, silver legs, it being more modern than the other pieces of furniture? All of the above?

    What about the small antique lamp for over the table in the nook? Do you think that will work and what height should I hang it so it doesn't compete with the chandelier?

    I'm hoping when the living room is finished I get input in upgrading the other rooms in my flat. I'm challenged more with the other rooms than the living room really.

    Flo Mangan, I haven't seen the flowers in the Grand Palace in Brussels yet. I love Belgium there's so many great antique shops there and the Belgium have an interesting design aesthetic. My hangout in Belgium is Brugge and Antwerp. I'm hoping to go to Brussels soon, been doing some research on this town.

    Tomorrow will post pics of the armoire with the glass doors and will call an electrician to hang the sconces and the small antique lamp over the table by the window.

    P.S. Sorry for the wall of texts, I'm going to try to be more cogent with less words moving forward.

  • PRO
    Flo Mangan

    Brugge was a favorite spot. Walk your legs off though. Can’t wait to see Armoire. What a good idea. Of course, now we have yo style it!! The fun never ends.

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  • PRO
    Design Interior South

    I think that all of your pieces have somewhat of an old world charm to them. In other words they look like they have been around for a long time (a good thing) and have some quality to them. The coffee table looks like you picked it up at a one size fits all box store. A mass production piece. I love the idea of a glass top but I feel you need something that has a more traditional feel to it. Something along the lines of one of these for example

    "Aden" Oval Gold Iron Coffee Table · More Info

    Highland Park Rectangle Cocktail Table · More Info

    Safavieh Lucille Coffee Table · More Info

    Uttermost Alayna Gold Coffee Table · More Info

    Sylvia Rectangle Cocktail Table · More Info

    Safavieh Abelard Cocktail Table, Antique Gold · More Info

    Sauder International Lux Round Coffee Table in Satin Gold · More Info

    Elegance Antique - Bronze 44"x24" Coffee Cocktail Table With Tempered Glass · More Info

    Mieka Cocktail Table, Antique Gold · More Info

    A marble top would be stunning too

    Hooker Furniture 638-50359-WH Melange - Corrina Coffee Table · More Info

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  • HU-892909521

    Flo Mangan, yes I'm definitely a little nervous having to put objects in the open armoire, been studying your input and others on that thread about glass front cabinets. I was thinking about a theme like old glass objects, then I thought books, then I thought I don't know what's going to work, but one thing I don't want to do is overload it with objects. I can have a tendency to go overboard that's for sure. Brugge is absolutely beautiful, if you're looking for an interesting place to stay that's in the heart of Brugge I highly recommend Exclusive Guest House Number 11. Here's a link, the suite there is fabulous, there's a fireplace and you don't have to walk up steep stairs that's an added bonus to staying in the suite. It also has a separate entrance and a beautiful English garden outside the suite.


    Design Interior South, the coffee table came from the thrift store, one of the first things I brought for the room and that's why it's looks out of place. Thanks for the table ideas, not sure how shipping to Europe works if I decide to buy a different table.

    Let's see how the coffee table in the middle room works it's tinted glass and darkish brass. I may even consider painting the table legs gold or black as someone suggested. The beauty of this room is it's eclectic and it doesn't fit any rules, I can also look for another thrifted table too that may work better. I love that last table but I can't see spending 800 dollars on that table. I also like the Sauter table a lot too.

  • PRO
    Design Interior South

    I think you can find something ore refined thrifting. You have some beautiful pieces I have not see which table you're talking about. May have missed it. Just the one that IMO needs to be replaced. Europe has such incredible antique stores I know you can find something!

    HU-892909521 thanked Design Interior South
  • PRO
    Flo Mangan

    Does the glass come off the top of that coffee table? If yes, I have done this. I found some interesting little 18" high cement molded figures. I put little glass buffers on the cement and put the beautiful glass top my client had on top! It worked so well. It became quite the conversation piece in their formal living room. I think we paid $25 for each figurine! As to your Armoire, I think a nice combination of objects and books with a plant or two, would be lovely. The key would be leaving enough "open" spaces to avoid the dreaded "clutter" word! lol I'm ready when you are! Better start gathering objects we can look at and see what would work where!

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  • HU-892909521

    Design Interior South, will post pic of the other table in room tomorrow if the craftman is willing to help move it. I think he'll get that done for me, but not sure about his time schedule.

    I love the thrift stores in my town everything in my flat, except the sofa in living room is thrifted.

    Flo Mangan, I'm up for the challenge of the armoire. Trying to envision what you said about taking the glass top off the coffee table, it's late here in Europe after 1100 at night. Heading to bed now.

    Will be back tomorrow with pics of the other coffee table in room, glass doors in armoire, antique mirror and pic hung in living room. This should be interesting on how the room will look after these changes.

    Thanks again for your input. Until tomorrow, good night.

  • lynartist

    Oh gosh! Let’s not be in a rush to Americanize this beautiful room!

  • PRO
    Design Interior South

    Not trying to Americanize it. Actually my point about the existing oval table is it looks like something you would pick up from a box store that sells "living room sets". You know 5 piece set for $1500. ala Rooms to Go. Hence why I felt it didn't fit in with her timeless Eurpean pieces and believe it or not American pieces. There is a timeless worn elegance to everything she has that is spectacular and it would be in the best interest of the space to carry that through to the cocktail table IMO.

  • lynartist

    I do agree with that but hope the OP can find something a bit used and vintage on one of her shopping ventures!

  • lynartist

    My thoughts were more along the lines of an architectural salvage piece that a glass top could be used on as opposed to a new table is all.

  • lynartist

    Oops, forgot pic

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  • Marion Harris


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  • Ellen Tracy

    This table is in another room, maybe it would work better here.

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  • PRO
    Design Interior South

    Ellen that table is spot on with everything she has going.

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  • HU-892909521

    I would like to take a few minutes to address the current coffee table comments in particular and my intention for signing up for Houzz in general after being a lurker for about 10 years. For people posting dilemmas, I believe our individuality should allow each of us to freely express our varied design taste and sensibilities without the design snobbery tone that I've recently read on this thread.

    Please don't misunderstand, I do fully appreciate some posters on here have also gone to design school, which may give you a unique perspective.

    However, please know, I will not ascribe to any one person's vision for my room or any one particular design style and for that matter I may even break some of the "design school" rules, probably many design rules. Wait until you see the thrifted mashup in my dining, kitchen, library/piano room, bedrooms, bathrooms, and winter garden if you continue to read this thread.

    My intention when I signed up for Houzz was just to get more input and feedback. I want to definitely take into consideration your advice that's been generously and respectfully offered based on your design input for this room and then make a sound (or unsound decision for that matter) in making this room my own based on my preferences with what may fit with my sensibilities and taste, especially since I have to live with the choices each day when I walk into the room. Again, I'm truly grateful for your feedback, but not some of the snobbery tone.

    My goal is not to buy anything new for this room and continue to thrift it. I'm fully aware Houzz is primarily a sales platform, among other things, but there are others out there, just like me, that wouldn't think of purchasing something new off Houzz or any place else, especially if there's a huge availability of thrifted items that's quite easily accessible and well made that we may like no matter if it fits the room or may not be to other Houzzs' viewers design taste.

    I really don't want to be so hung up (or even anal) on a prescribed or "refined" design style that I lose the individuality of my room or my preferences. For me, my current coffee table doesn't lack any "refinement" in the room amongst the other thrifted pieces in my space, I believe despite what some may think about my coffee table or my other furnishing choices " my coffee table for me adds character and whimsical charm to all the other "formally stiff" old stuff I've thrifted for this living room and makes the space unique and eclectic and my own. The beauty of this room, I believe lies in this mashup of thrifted items, not aligning it to some prescribed "refined" design style that a poster may think, in their opinion may be in the "best interest" of my room.

    I would also like to add regarding comments about "americanizing" the room, everything in this room I bought in thrift stores/flea markets in Europe, except the massive speakers and stereo receiver that I never hooked up when I moved to this flat (you can barely see in the pics ) that's currently by the balcony door that's taking up way too much real estate in my room and will be soon removed. I found those speakers on the street and had them refurbished when I came to Europe.

    Lastly, the coffee table in the middle room is NOT spot on with everything else is my living room. Today we tried the table in the living room and it's way too small for my living room space.

    Therefore, the current coffee table no matter how much a few on this thread may dislike like it in my room or feel it's out of place or not "refined with the other stuff" will remain in my living room. Please feel free to continue your design snobbery tone and insistence about my coffee table all you want if that makes you feel better about your design knowledge or your making my room to be in YOUR best interest, which is not aligned to my best interest for this room.

    I'm tired, it's late here in Europe. I did get the armoire doors back they turned out beautiful and exceeded my expectations. I did hang the mirror and one pic in the living room. But I'm heading to bed now to get ready for a big day tomorrow. The reveal of the armoire, mirror, and pic that was hung today will be posted on this thread tomorrow.

    I'm really sorry, unfortunately I couldn't get the pics of these new items posted today.

  • lynartist

    Hi, I’m so sorry my “ Like” doesn’t register( Houzz glitch).

    HU-892909521 thanked lynartist
  • lynartist

    Hu, I guess my auto correct does work.

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  • PRO
    Design Interior South

    WOW I am sorry you took offense to my comment because it was never meant to be offensive. I apologize for having somehow offended you. I think it is rather harsh that you consider that my design tastes come from a place of snobbery. Nothing can be further from the truth. My whole point was that your home is filled with lovely European pieces (and yes some of them are from American furniture maker designs) and all of them are harmonious with each other except the coffee table. Im not going to apologize for having that opinion and I assure you it comes from nothing more than looking at the space and seeing something that just doesn't work. You asked me to come over to your thread and give you assistance and assistance isnt just praising the great things its sometimes the harsh reality of having to weed out the items that don't work as well. I never suggested your purchase anything off Houzz or anything from America. I was showing you the tables for style only! I even stated that I was positive you could find something thrifting that would work. Thrifting as in shopping flea markets, antique stores wherever the place might me. I wish you all the best in your continuation of creating a lovely home.

    HU-892909521 thanked Design Interior South
  • lynartist

    I do apologize if any comments I made offended you HU. You know I very much like your room just the way it is and have stated that previously. Your mix of eclectic pieces suits you and needn’t fit anyone’s design style. It’s your home and it’s perfect for you.

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  • HU-892909521

    Design Interior South although your comments may have been well intended, I do consider some of them harsh about my coffee table and frankly way off the mark about the origin of the coffee table AND why I chose it for the room. Perhaps it's difficult for others to see my vision for this room or understand how my flat is coming together with thrifted items, I really want to be open minded about this space and I hope others will be too, other than imposing "refined" viewpoints in a harsh and condescending manner which is quite easy to do behind the computer screen.

    I know we all have our perspectives, I just needed to be clearer about mine and that was my primary motivation why I needed to say what I said. I hope you're not alienated from this thread, I do value your input.

    Lynartist, please there's no need to apology it was nothing about any of your comments that made me feel uncomfortable or write my last post.

    Let's move on.

  • PRO
    Flo Mangan

    HU - We love your space and I happen to know Design Interiors South and am quite confident she meant nothing personally offensive. The biggest concern I have is that you change things that aren't YOUR ethos and mess up the eclectic, interesting space you have. I viewed all the inputs as very positive to you and your space. It is lovely and I can't wait to see the Armoire and mirror pictures. Please accept my apologies if I have offended in any way. You are a very creative, clever person with quite an eye. Don't let this thread hamper you in any way.

  • PRO
    Design Interior South

    I think you're reading a tone into what I am saying that isnt there as I am typing it. Now I've gone from being snobby to condescending? In 1987/88 my college room mates and I went to a chain furniture store in San Diego CA Called Jeromes Furniture, I'm not sure if they are still around as I no longer reside in CA. Anyway we pooled our meager funds together to purchase furniture for our apt. Exciting times! We bought that coffee table. It came with two matching end tables. I assure you our apt didn't hold any of the beauty yours does. We had a ton of hand me downs, as we should have and a lot of found items at the curb, including a rattan shelving unit that wouldn't stand straight so the neighbor guys came over and tied shoe strings together and used them to pull the unit straight snd then hammered the shoe string to the wall to keep it upright. Very happy memories. So no, I don't know your history with the coffee table. But I do know it is a production piece. There is nothing "wrong" with the coffee table except that, in comparison to your other pieces , its the missing link purely from a design perspective. Its funny how I can apologize for my words regarding a table an inanimate object and you come back by calling me a snob and tell me I am condescending which is a personal attack on me and yet that isnt considered rude or harsh? Again best of luck. I will refrain from commenting any further on your thread.

  • Ellen Tracy

    I agree the original coffee table detracts from the beautiful room, so sorry. I’m not risking being offensive again so I’m out.

  • CindyR

    Hello there!

    I came to see how your armoire looks and am looking forward to seeing how it turned out. I hope you love it!

    You already know that I am not a professional, but I understand your dilemma with your room because I, too, have many things I love and have collected over the years. My style is eclectic and I love antiques/retro objects. I get SO much satisfaction from repurposing and shooing my own house! I sense that you love everything you have and want to look at your beautiful things, but you do t want it to be cluttered. You want to be a “curator” of your space, and that’s why you take so much time thinking about what to move and where to move it.

    I feel bad that your feelings were hurt. Sometimes, the most well-intending people say things in a way that accidentally come across as ill-willed. I have done that, especially online. I am also sensitive, and probably would have been miffed at the coffee table criticism if I had an attachment to my coffee table.

    I hope you are not discouraged and quit posting, because the overwhelming opinion on this thread is that your place is magnificent, and we non-pros and pros are excited to see how your vision comes to fruition.


  • Sharon

    Please come back and show us your photos of the armoire, mirror and other updates!!

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