36” Refrigerators - Top of the line look for the money

July 31, 2019

I am trying to pick out a replacement refrigerator for my kitchen. Currently the opening is approx 36 x 72. I want the best looking most luxury fridge I can get on a mid/high mid budget. My husband will not pay Subzero prices. I love a glass door but want to see the glass door all the time, no knocking. Please share your opinions.

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  • apple_pie_order

    Budget range?

  • wdccruise

    "I love a glass door but want to see the glass door all the time, no knocking."

    No such thing.

  • PRO

    Liebher, Dacor, Thermador, Meile.

  • tatts

    What have you found so far? Where have you looked? This is really just shopping, not a dilemma, so what have you wanted that you can't find?

  • tatts

    "My husband will not pay Subzero prices."

    "Liebher, Dacor, Thermador, Meile."


  • Dormelles

    If you scour your area for sales on Wolf/Sub-Zero showroom samples, you might score a deal, as I did for our kitchen. The list price is never what you should pay, by the way, even if you purchase a non-discounted unit. The actual sales price from all Wolf/Sub-Zero dealers in my area is always lower than the list. Perhaps if you explain to your husband the unique features of Sub-Zero, unmatched on the whole by other manufacturers, he might be more open to rearranging the budget? If you're still looking for a high-end unit, the price difference won't work out to be that large of a percentage of the purchase especially if you can locate a sample sale for the Sub-Zero you want. I believe the 36" wide freezer/fridge combo is a new product for Sub-Zero, though, so not sure you'll find one on sale in 2019 yet if you're looking for the combo.

  • PRO
    Patricia Colwell Consulting

    I actually do not mind glass door fridges and this one is from AJ Madison at less that 1K

  • wdccruise

    Isn't that the Frigidaire Professional Series FPGU19F8TF 32 Inch All Refrigerator at $2473? I guess I assumed she wanted a 36" or less refrigerator-freezer.

  • chiflipper

    IMO glass door units look fab in the ads because everything inside is staged, a family's fridge full of food is rarely as visually appealing.

  • Michelle and Bob

    also LG and GE monogram make knock-offs of the subzero glass door fridge.

    i have had the subzero glass door bottom freezer for years and love it. yes like glass door kitchen cabinets, you need to keep it organized - which i think is a plus! i hate clutter and this makes you control it!

  • googapa

    OP here. Thanks for the feedback. It is hard to find a freestanding full size fridge that has a luxury look. Kitchenaid is apparently coming out with a freestanding glass door fridge but it hasn’t hit the market yet. I need a combined refrigerator/freezer btw. My kitchen can’t accommodate the Dream fridge 42” Subzero glass door. Alas. The scale would not work.

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