my Grandma having a hard time watering her garden, will this help her?

Denny de Luna
last year

"This summer heat is destroying my garden" (picture below)

She has a hard time watering her garden, so I want to help her, even though I live MILES away :(

Every text, or call I have with her, she reminds me of the weather not being friendly at the moment...

You guys should see the amazing fruits, vegetables, and plants she's growing out of her beautiful garden!

I came across these Automatic Irrigation Systems on facebook from

hoping this will help her. :)

She has trouble watering her garden most times.

Have any of you tried these? they're giving away a Free "Summer Gardening" eBook to download :O

Going to purchase some and will keep you all updated after this small project :))

This is her garden by the way :) the apples tasted soooo good all organic of course!